It is always nice to be recognized by no better of a globalist source than the New York Times. Doomer Doug beat them to the punch, although our globalist snobs in New York City would never admit that. Yesterday I posted an essay called “The Band Plays On,” all about the looming global debt collapse. Ergo, an article called “Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth.” The thing I like about this style of article is it is a prime example of how the globalists maintain control. They admit there is a problem; they admit this problem may have devastating results. They then tell the reader to move on to the next imminent crisis, turn the tube or DVD back on, and life goes on. They do this decade after decade with the result the status quo is maintained. Yep, it is a long known propaganda technique used to define the popular reality to the benefit of the global oligarchs. The genius of this article is the implication the problem is long term, not imminent, and is “over there,” in China. Go back to sleep, sheeple!

The link is here.

Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth


Beneath the surface of the global financial system lurks a multitrillion-dollar problem that could sap the strength of large economies for years to come

The problem is the giant, stagnant pool of loans that companies and people around the world are struggling to pay back. Bad debts have been a drag on economic activity ever since the financial crisis of 2008, but in recent months, the threat posed by an overhang of bad loans appears to be rising. China is the biggest source of worry. Some analysts estimate that China’s troubled credit could exceed $5 trillion, a staggering number that is equivalent to half the size of the country’s annual economic output.


The defining mission of all national states and their militaries is the protection of the life and property of all citizens, as well as the security of state territorial integrity. In this the state called the USA has not only failed, but is in free fall and closing in on systemic collapse. The Obama administration is a total failure at the most basic level of government. Obama and his ilk have allowed total chaos to reign on our borders, especially our southern border with Mexico. They have allowed unrestricted, unchecked, and wide open illegal immigration to happen. Obama is a TRAITOR who will be viewed as the single worst American President in the history of the American Republic.

The links are as follows.

Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’

By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard)•2/4/16 10:04 AM

Report: MS-13 foot soldiers use ‘surge’ to cross border, ‘colonize new criminal territory’

By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard)•2/4/16 9:01 AM

Border Patrol: Cartels use kids to divert agents

By Joel Gehrke•2/4/16 10:42 AM

The list of Obama’s TREASON is damn near endless at this point.


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