The FBI has learned nothing from Ruby Ridge, Waco, and now Burns. I think the final days of the Imperial Obama Marxist Tyranny are going to be interesting to put it mildly. For one thing, Obama is now effectively meaningless as he lurches through his final year in office. On the global stage, with both Russia and China, he is held to be a clown fumbling his way in the darkness. Inside the USA, he is castrated politically and stumbling around trying to look Presidential. Since he has never looked functional, much less Presidential, at any point in the last seven years, I see no reason to expect a miracle. What is truly disturbing to me is the simple fact his administration is coming apart at the seams on a daily basis.

For one thing, it is clear his domestic law enforcement agencies, the FBI and Homeland Security, have now fractured into at least three separate factions. Obama’s intelligence agencies, along with his increasingly dysfunctional military are also starting to show signs of late stage Imperial chaos. All of the above are now preparing for the post Obama time period, and making moves to prevent themselves from being held accountable for their actions, non actions and general effectiveness in the war on terror among other things.

The FBI in particular has now splintered into three separate factions in these final days of the Obama administration. The first faction is the pro Obama one, compliant with AG Lynch and her PC based ideology. This is the one that openly, brazenly murdered the militia member in Oregon. The fascist FBI faction pulled the car over and simply shot him dead. The militia group was on its way to a peaceful public meeting, and was no threat to anybody. The fascist, pro Obama FBI group just decided Obama, and Oregon’s bisexual Democratic Governor, needed a quick resolution and whacked the guy. This is the same FBI faction that gave us the so called “terror attack,” they prevented. It will soon come out the FBI gave the guy the gun and the silencer. It is a fact the bomb used in the first World Trade Tower attack, the one in 1993, was mixed by an FBI informant, who apparently couldn’t be bothered to notify anybody of the attack. Bush and Rice claimed ignorance of the second World Trade Tower attack on 9-11-2001. This is interesting since they should have known about the first one. Obviously, if the same target is hit twice, you don’t get to say you had no idea this was coming.

The second FBI faction is the anti Obama group. This is the one going after Hellary Clinton for treason regarding the emails. This is also the group that allowed the press into the apartment of the terror couple in California. They did this to openly and publically humiliate Obama and Lynch, as well as to prevent Obama and Lynch from spinning the terror attack as yet another case of “workplace violence.” Obama said for months the Fort Hood attack by the Muslim officer, the one that murdered 13 US soldiers, was also a case of “work place violence.” At any rate we now have open warfare between the pro and anti Obama FBI factions.

The third FBI faction is the go along to get along faction. They have as their goal to prevent the kind of institutional damage caused to the FBI from any potential scandal. They are motivated by the desire to stay out of jail, get their pensions, and keep the hounds of legal accountability off of their bodies. In this, they represent a long standing tradition in the FBI of covering up misdeeds. Misdeeds that go all the way back to the 1960 era spying operations. They have the most difficult job as they try to stay out of the line of fire between the other two factions now engaged in a firefight of stunning intensity.

Homeland Security, as well as the CIA and the Pentagon, are also being dragged into the crumbling aftermath of Obama’s final year in office. One thing will happen above all others; namely, the institutions of the FBI, Homeland Security, the CIA and Pentagon, will be protected at all costs. It is also clear the level of infighting is increasing. The final result of all that may very well be a level of chaotic actions that render all of the above agencies unable to fulfill their primary missions. The result of that will be Militant Islam, Russia and China among others, will play the game and take advantage of the situation.

Readers of my blog should have no illusions the game has changed due to the FBI murder of that militia member. Yes, they should have pulled out when the two ranchers voluntarily went to jail. And yes, they played into the local Oregon hysteria, fanned by the media to a fever pitch. Still, now that blood has been shed, the results will not be pretty. Oregon is now, for all intents and purposes, a one party liberal and Marxist dictatorship. The Oregon house and senate are held by a large majority of Democrats, with the purest of Marxist true believers firmly in charge. All elective offices are held by Democrats. The Marxists are now engaged in a broad ranging attempt to remake Oregon into a nanny state to be admired. From so called “climate change,” to gun control, to homosexual rights, the witch hunt is well underway. Political dissidents in Oregon, and by that I mean hetrosexuals, conservatives, populists, gun owners, as well as any other groups that don’t fit into the PC based, multi-cultural paradise of the Marxists now running Oregon, are now open season for all state agencies. It will only get worse up here, but that is the future Obama, Clinton and AG Lynch have planned for the rest of us peons.

  Make no mistake here, for the bell is now tolling for thee. Obama, et al, has now shown the fist underneath the Political Correct glove. It is like the Star Trek Federation’s Borg, “Assimilate or Die.”
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  1. STOP! WE ARE THE PROBLEM. WE ARE WEAK AND WE LEFT AMERICA AND ITS FOUNDATIONS OF PEACE, FREEDOM & LIBERTY.. WE LEFT IT YEARS AGO! i am at fault. Why? because I checked out of America, the fight is over for many reasons!~ Read, research, comprehend why! We lost! WE ARE ALL THE PROBLEM NOW!


  2. We are also the solutions… Divine intervention is at hand, sadly, the satanic powers are ever working day n night and with the full armour of Christ, we must rise to and face whatever we are called to,…so long as we first, put Christ Jesus first and ask for the way before you to be guided by him and for the common good and I promise, you cannot co nor do any wrong. This takes faith and patience, fortitude and his peace of mind in you, and a total relaxing of ego, self wants and desires and sincerity and exercising of spirit. Apply this and watch the miraculous unfold, we also need this, for without that strength, you are toast, plain, simple toast. I could write a book here, but at 56 yrs and survival only ever a daily work, I am a bit tired, no complaints rather, I hurt for the sleeping masses and the loss of our country low those decades ago, in 63 was it?, they took our beloved USA and now….the world will be reborn and planet x will usjur that beginning in, so , play your part, stand up and be counted and pray for strength and be a worthy, formidable Christ soldier


  3. I Agree with Bob H., as we are the problem. We allowed the PC crowd in DC to provide us with all sorts of distraction and division while taking our liberties and destroying our moral foundation. Without a foundation how can you stand?? Without a unity you have division and nothing divided can stand united….simple fact. Another simple fact……….throw God out and the devil stays to make himself at home, it’s always been your choice.


    1. I think the people need to work on making our country a better place, if everyone were to help someone on a small scale, everyday, tomorrow it would be a little better and the next day to. People would unite and start knowing there are people who care, and working on getting our country back on track. We can only do this if we all put the effort out.


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