In a sea of chaos, another flare gun has now gone off indicating we are in the end of an era. Abe Vigoda, the genius character of Fish on the 1970’s era sitcom called “Barney Miller,” has died. Well, I was in the US Army during 1974 etc. so I never did see the shows on American television. I did watch them recently on DVD and was astounded at the level of quality writing, the brilliant acting, as well as the way the sitcom pretty much captured the mindset of the mid to late 1970’s. Abe Vigoda also had a short lived television show after Barney Miller. RIP, Fish. The link is here.…ad-94-36528884

In the “Hellary can’t get no respect,” category we have what I am now calling the pile on factor. Piling on is a football term where, even though the ball carrier has been tackled, everybody jumps on him anyway. Hellary, as evil, whining, scheming, manipulative, female dog as ever existed in American politics, is now getting piled on by pretty much everybody at this point.

Hellary has a coughing fit, which has nothing to do with any serious health issues at all. Still, she is in play, much the way somebody bleeding into the sea is, so the sharks are closing in. Her coughing fit unleashes a tidal wave of health speculation. The reason is the starter flag has been dropped and everybody can now speculate on her health. The link is here. Read more at…U6v2qbLhAD3.99

Hellary is also being smothered under a layer of “will she, or won’t she be indicted over the email by the FBI,” speculations. In fact, as we head into the final days before the Iowa primaries, Hillary Rodham Clinton is now TOXIC at all level of politics. Her basic health level for even being President is being called into serious question. She is under threat of being indicted as a traitor leaking sensitive information. Finally, she has all the baggage going back over 25 years to 1992 from the first two terms of Bill Clinton. I think the conventional wisdom that she will emerge as the Democratic Party Presidential nomination is simply wrong now. Granted, in both the case of Jeb Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the process was expected by “them” to be more of a divine anointing than an actual election. Still, I am saying she is gone, even if she “wins” in Iowa. Mr. Sanders is the one firing the base up, not Hellary. Mr. Sanders is the one with the passion, not Hellary.

We also have the usual acts of brutality and rape in Europe by the Muslim hordes. This time they took over the main Stockholm, that is in the refugee haven of Sweden, train station and behaved, well they behaved like the animals many Muslims really are. If you take a look at what is really going on in Europe, as well as the response by the people of Europe, versus their globalist leadership, it is clear the several comments by the military leaders are not hot air. In particular, the comments about Merkel “fleeing to South America,” or the comments by Sweden’s military leader, indicate things are moving in Europe at the popular and military level very fast indeed. The link is here. 4 Sweden’s Army Chief Warns Of WORLD WAR 3 Inside Europe ‘Within a Few Years’

And finally, here is a link to the real explanation of why the system is so corrupt, the politicians so venal, and the government so incompetent at all levels. THE USA IS NOW A FULLY FUNCTIONAL OLIGARCHY AT ALL LEVELS OF SOCIETY. The link is here to show how the banks really do run everything, the politicians et al really have been bought off at all levels.

How 37 Banks Became 4 In Just 2 Decades, All In One Astonishing Chart…nishing-chart/

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