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Lost in all the chaos of the first month of 2016, Iran has very shrewdly thrown three strike balls as our feckless cretin in chief Obama. The first strike was when Iranian Revolutionary Guard warships casually sauntered up to within 1,500 yards of the US Navy’s Aircraft Carrier Truman. They then even more casually combat launched missiles pointed in the other direction. It was the naval version of a dog urinating on a fire hydrant.

The second strike was when Iran, in what I will call an act of piracy, kidnapped ten US Sailors, paraded them around in a dog and pony show, openly humiliated them, made Obama look like even more of a fool than he is; finally, reduced our blow dried Secretary of State Kerry to a status of being an errand boy.

The third strike is ongoing and refers to Iran flooding the oil market to collapse prices, restore its revenue, and get back at Saudi Arabia for a reasons too numerous to mention here on my blog.

I will note that the West in general, and the US under the Obama, Kerry version of the Three Stooges took absolutely no action in response to any of these three strikes. Kerry’s whining to Iran about how well they treated our captive sailors was, in my view, an example of just how low Obama will go. At any rate, we can be sure Iran won’t stop now. Why should they, when they are getting everything they want, cash, sanctions lifted, public apologies, in effect, from Kerry and unchecked ability to make nuclear bombs. Yep, Iran is on a roll now.

   It is unclear how the various factions inside of Iran view all this butt licking by the USA towards them. It will certainly embolden the Revolutionary Guard true believers. It will also certainly lead to a more direct approach to crushing both ISIS and the Saudi led Sunni military group.

Putin’s military and economic alliance with Iran is looking shrewder by the day. We can be sure the USA is going to get sucked into the Middle East one way or another. You would think after two decisive military defeats in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the US would get the message and stay out. Iran has “won” the war in Iraq by creating a “Greater Iran” composed of a zone from Basra in the south, to Baghdad in the center/north. The only effective opposition to the Shia based Iranian sphere of influence is the Kurds. The same Kurds the USA has routinely betrayed several times since 1975.

Iran, along with the Chinese, has now won the war in Afghanistan. What is now vaguely called “Western Afghanistan” is really an Iranian Sphere of Influence. Again, the Chinese are picking up the economic cookies with their copper mine, and Iran is picking up a large chunk of the former Afghanistan. India is also exerting a decisive effect on the dismal place called Afghanistan.


Gang, Iran is going to destroy the global oil producing nations to attain it political and economic goals. You can be sure of that.


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