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Well, this Palin endorsement is going to make me reconsider Mr. Trump. Palin is a neo-con, warmongering $%%, with a fascist streak, to put it mildly. It was Palin and the Koch brothers who co-opted, and turned the Tea Party movement from a broad based populist movement into a neo con fascist warmongering one. Nope, this is a BIG NEGATIVE FOR ME. I am a populist, and not one of those damn neo con fascists that infest the RINO party. I am not impressed with Trump over this at all. It means he is going to give us more endless war. Sorry, but this is going to seriously damage Trump with the more independent and non religious fanatic crowd.

The point I am trying to make is this. There really are a large group of what I would call secular populists. Now when Trump was talking about dealing with the tidal wave of illegals pouring over the border, I am with him. When he is talking about dealing with Militant Islam here in the USA, I am with him. I am unsure why people are so pro Palin. She represents the neo con, warmongering wing of the corporate Republican Parry. It is clear to me we are going to get a choice between a third Clinton term, and a third Bush term. The exact same RINO types, McCain etc. still can’t admit we have suffered decisive military defeats in both Iraq and Afghanistan. So why would I support a neo con like Palin?

After all, it was Palin and the Koch brothers who castrated the legitimate populist Tea Party and turned it into a clone wing of the Republican Party. Sorry folks, but Trump just lost a lot of independent voters who will wonder if he is going to bomb Iran, or invade the Ukraine. Again, I am focused on the domestic USA issues, and have no interest in the endless neo con wars Bush started, along with his neo con buddies like Palin, Kristol, Cheney et al.

Yep, it is entirely possible to be populist and not want the fascist, security, warmongering government we ended up with Bush junior. Hellary is laughing her evil ass right now because she now sees she can frame the election as the third term of Bush junior. Bush is still very unpopular even 7 years later. Trump just played into the hands of the Democrats.

My basic political position is one of a populist based ideology that despises the global and domestic elites, wants the “peons” to make the decisions about their own lives in all areas. The fundamental battle is between populists who want to live free, and elites that want to restore the Middle Ages and the Feudal System. Into that mix, an imperial agenda of global corporate slave states, and increasingly insolent and abusive US federal government don’t fit into my world view. And now Trump has marched straight ahead into the very worst of the neo con errors and misjudgments.

Finally, in the Doomer Doug wants to get away from all this lunacy here on Earth, we have the¬†provocative report from Scientific American relating to a possible Galactic exit strategy. Since the distance is measured in light years, and a light year is 600 Trillion miles, if my math is correct, it will take a while to get there. We should file this away just in case Doomer Doug is correct about Fukushima’s radiation turning us all into H.G. Well’s Morlocks in his great book, “The Time Machine.”

3 Strong Evidence Suggests a Super Earth Lies beyond Pluto

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