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The Democratic Debate highlighted exactly why Hellary is roadkill, Bernie Sanders is not going be nominated, much less elected. The other guy is no longer even a factor at this point. It is all Donald Trump in my view. The powers that be have made a severe error in deciding Trump isn’t going to be elected.

This link here explains why.

Many ‘lost’ voters say they have found their candidate in Trump

This is the RINO’s worst nightmare happening now before their eyes. The reason Trump is going to win is his voters are outside the sandbox and he has made the pie BIGGER. The RINO types are basing everything they think will happen on the assumption the pie size will stay the same. It won’t.

If Hellary Clinton wasn’t such an evil woman, I might be able to pity her somewhat. She is now undergoing the political death of 1000 cuts. She is reduced to saying, “The FBI hasn’t interviewed me yet.” If that isn’t an open admission they plan to do just that in the near future I have no idea what is. Further, the Democratic Party is facing a very real crisis if she is not their nominee. If they go with Sanders, or O’Malley they will be crushed by Trump in the general election. It will be worse than Nixon and McGovern in 1972 if that is even possible.

Iran has now proved that crime pays with Obama. If you shoot missiles less than 1500 yards from an American Aircraft Carrier, as well as kidnap 10 American sailors, abuse them, parade them around in a quick version of a dog and pony show, you can expect Obama to pay you 1.7 Billion dollars. Of course, we are told the money isn’t a ransom. I won’t even comment on that idiotic statement. Kerry, well Kerry shows us again there is nothing underneath his blow dried hair.

Europe continues to suffer a cultural crisis directly related to the mass takeover by Militant Islam and its rape squads. Merkel seems to think it is all just a big cultural misunderstanding. We know how Islam treats its own women. Why are we surprised when they openly abuse, attack and rape foreign women they think are whores? Europe is going to sort itself out one way or another.

Finally, I have not actually gone to see the movie “Revenant” yet. It got 12 Oscar nominations over nearly every category, so it is definitely on my to do list. I will let you know what I think about it.  Now that I have home Internet access again my viewing of library DVD disks has gone to nearly zero. It is just so much fun to roam around the world wide web seeking out even more lunacy, farce and folly. The things I do for you!


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