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Alan Rickman, the British actor who mostly played villains has died of cancer. He does so on the heels of David Bowie. Rickman played the crazed Australian rancher who hired Tom Selleck to come and shoot Dingo Dogs. It turned out he wanted him to shoot the Aboriginal people he wanted to get rid of. Now, that friends is a real bad guy. My personal favorite was his scene in the first Die Hard movie. He plays a terrorist who calmly walks up to the security desk, making small talk about what suits Yasser Arafat is wearing, and then just shoots the gurard sitting at the lobby desk. Man, I worked private security, much of it sitting at skyscrapper lobby desks like that one. I still remember that scene nearly 20 years later. I will miss him.

Next, we have still more in the ongoing “grind Hellary Clinton into Mush,” operation now well underway here in the USA. This link tells us that one of Hellary Clinton’s core support group of women is actually leaning towards Bernie Sanders.

It also turns out the like daughter like both parents  in Chelsea Clinton’s case. After having, how shall I say this, sucked up vast amounts of money as a so called journalist, she is now the designated attack dog for Hellary. The attack dog style has been around in politics for a long time. Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon’s corrupt Vice President used to run around spewing venom with every speech. Of course, he ended up getting caught accepting bribes back when I was in US Army Advanced Individual Training down in San Antonio back in October of 1973. This was roughly the time the Yom Kippur war started and I thought I was going to end up on a C-130 transport headed towards Israel.

Chelsea Clinton is stepping onto the 2016 battlefield against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a shift that some Democrats are interpreting as a sign of trouble for her mother’s presidential campaign.

We have the strange situation where the Clinton campaign is now saying Chelsea has gone “rogue.” I absolutely can’t make this farce up, gang.


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