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Today is the first day of my personal Internet liberation! I now have a DSL account and can actually sit in my apartment, go online in peace, and not deal with either Multnomah County Library dysfunctional computers, or the even more dysfunctional transients that use them. Yep, it is really nice to be able to go online in the comfort of my own apartment!

I have been commenting the last several days that the “big boys” have apparently decided that they no longer want Hellary as the Democratic Party nominee. I think it is a tidal wave impact from the multiple scandals she has been dealing with now reaching a level “they” are no longer willing to tolerate.

Here is one link that shows the media is now out for the Clinton’s blood.


– – Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Live by Bubba, die by Bubba.

Something has shifted when it comes to the treatment and perception of the Clintons, and it threatens their joint political ambitions like nothing before it.

I will also note that the brazen act of piracy by Iran in seizing ten US sailors and holding them for the fast version of the usual dog and pony show clearly was timed to openly humiliate Obama during his State of the Union address. Yep, I am seeing a lot of pretty open contempt towards Obama from multiple sectors right now. While many of them are from Obama’s own government,  he is getting dissed by foreign leaders almost daily.

Here is a link showing just what Iran’s Revolutionary Guards really think of the US military. http://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-releases-humiliating-images-of-u-s-sailors-in-captivity/

Suffice it to say, the only thing missing was 1979’s blindfolded parade held for Jimmy Carter’s benefit. Obama is certainly doing his best Jimmy Carter imitation.

This link tells me Iran isn’t too impressed with the US Senate or Congress either.


Iran also forced an “apology” out of the US captives.


The Latest: Iran state TV broadcasts US sailors ‘apology’

12:30 a.m.

Iranian state TV has rerun a video clip of one of the held U.S. sailors apologizing for the intrusion into Iranian territorial waters.

In the footage, filmed before the sailors were released on Wednesday, the sailor says: “It was a mistake. That was our fault and we apologize for our mistake.”

The sailor is not identified by name in the clip but the TV interviewer says he is the “commander” of the group seized by the Iranians. He is then asked if the sailors’ GPS had alerted them about the intrusion, to which he replies, “I believe so.”

The U.S. Central Command later said the “video appears to be authentic but we cannot speak to the conditions of the situation or what the crew was experiencing at the time.”

     All in all, we have a well timed open insult, timed to overwhelm Obama’s State of the Union speech. It was also designed to cause maximum global humiliation of both Obama and the US Navy.

This concludes the Doomer Doug “decline of the USA,” blog entry for today.



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