ODDS AND ENDS 1-12-2016

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First,  my blog readers will not be surprised that Iran is now in full  mess with Obama mode. You will not be surprised my statements that they are going all out, will brook no fecal material, and are not going to back off have proved correct again. We should also realize Iran has a non Islamic history going back to 500 BC. Iran is the Empire that was ruled by Cyrus, Xerxes and Darius. It is the empire that attacked Greece twice. It is the empire that stretched from Sinai to Pakistan, from the Indian Ocean to the Onzx River in Central Russia. It is an empire that was well advanced in law, culture and human rights. Cyrus banned slavery. Cyrus has wall murals showing his “conquered” people as friends, being led by hand into his presence. Exactly where this idea Iran is full of cretins, with no sense of Iranian and Persian history, is beyond me. After Alexander the Great crushed Persia, and in an act of Greek barbarism burned several cities of unmatched beauty to the ground, the second Iranian Empire called the Parthians smacked Imperial Rome around. The Parthians captured three Roman Emperors, killed one, put a second on display in the palace,  and in general pushed Rome out of Mesopotamia around 25o AD.

They were followed by a resurgent Persian Empire based on their fire religion that again recreated most of the original Persian Empire under Cyrus. This empire finally converted to Islam, was shattered by the Arabs pouring out of the Arabian Peninsula, and eventually formed the Shia branch of Islam. This is the one that hates the Sunni Muslims, like Saudi Arabia and ISIS, and has now pretty much declared war on the USA.

I knew the total failure of our Cretin in Chief Obama to deal with an offensive missile launch, 1500 yards from a US Aircraft carrier would embolden Iran. Well, duh!

We now have a second hostage crisis with Iran. If Iran decides to not release the captives, we will have a bona fide crisis. Of course, Iran may settle for a dog and pony show and be satisfied with humiliating the USA. Gee, Iran has just stolen the thunder of Obama’s “State of the Farce Speech.” The US Navy is claiming the small boats and engine problems, but I call BS. If you are a crew in hostile waters, even under the gutted Obama US Navy, you would think you would at least make sure you could make it back to your ship. Oh, well Obama strikes again.

The link is here.


Next, we have example number 62 of exactly why Obama the fool has been a disaster for the USA. Obama insults our allies, panders to our enemies and makes both China and Russia increasingly brazen. The following link merely confirms the ongoing Chinese economic and military offensive to effectively take over Africa. When George Clooney whines about Darfur in the Sudan, he fails to mention the planes killing are made in China, flown by Chinese trained pilots; all to get at the oil Sudan has.

Here is the link to the end of US power in Africa.



If you read the Terry Brooks fantasy book series about Elves, Magic Trees, and hordes of really bad creatures trying to kill off both men and elves, then this link may be of use to you. Granted, I am not sure what MTV will do with the book, but we shall see. I enjoyed all of them at least.

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