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  I will say it yet again, the powers that be in the USA have made the decision that Hellary Clinton is no longer acceptable as the Democratic Party nominee for President. I base that on the ongoing, sustained leak campaign that ALWAYS signals the target is now road kill. This may be due to her increasingly dangerous health issues related to the concussion she suffered. Or it may be they really don’t want another four years of Marxist dictatorship, combined with a continuation of Obama’s feckless, dangerous and potentially fatal anti-terror policy.

     Whatever the reason really is, and who can really say when the Oligarchs go into full predator mode, Hellary is out. It is also clear she is going to go down fighting, adopting a scorched earth policy, and with the intent of leaving body parts scattered all over the place. Hellary knows where all the skeletons are buried. The scene from the Jason movie, where the skeletons jump up from the earth to attack Jason and his Argonauts, comes to mind. It will nasty, brutal and likely result in a blood feud between the various Democratic Party factions.

Here we have the Foxnews take.


FBI’s Clinton probe expands to public corruption track


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