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One of the main things I have been trying to make people understand is the usual political terms, like conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, are meaningless in 2016. The true political litmus test is over the issue of whether you support the people, or the oligarchs. If you support the oligarchs, their banks, their corporate and media whores, then you are a corporate fascist. If you support the people, despise the oligarchs and their media, corporate and government shills, then you are a populist.

One of the reasons this is confusing is we have both a populist and corporate fascist wing in both the current Republican and Democratic Parties. We have the corporate whore Hellary, running as a Democrat; we have the corporate whore Jeb Bush, Cruz etc running as RINO types. We have a populist Democrat in Bernie Sanders. We have a populist Republican in Donald Trump. Again, this is going to play out with the final result, in my opinion, the Republican and Democrat Party will be shattered into what they already are; namely, the populists, both right wing Republicans and left wing Democrats, will merge. The corporate whores, who think alike, act alike and know how to get down on their knees and beg the oligarchs, will form their own party.

I see this as a positive event. I will also say, having been around quite a few populist leftist the last few years, there isn’t as much difference between a right wing populist and a left wing one as you think. One thing is the oligarchs are truly terrified of all populists figuring that out.

Hellary Clinton just keep getting pounded by the elite that now clearly want her out of the race.

Hillary’s EmailGate Goes Nuclear

Hellary is also coming under pressure from the left wing populist Bernie Sanders. The link is here. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/bernie-sanders-popularity-making-hillary-clinton-campaign-nervous/story?id=36187078

Finally, we have some more corporate media elite whining about Donald Trump. I find it hysterical to read this drivel.



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