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We have two, and only two, possibilities to restore the Constitutional American Republic. The first is a rising of the armed militias. Obviously this will unleash the dogs of war and result in a vicious civil war.

The second is a political rising by the states against Federal insolence. The Texas governor has now issued a call for the states to crush the Federales in their mad rush to total power. I will repeat that the Texas governor has now openly called for a political revolution in the USA. I simply can’t emphasize enough this is a call for POLITICAL REVOLUTION IN THE USA.

Statement: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calling 9 amendments to the US Constitution, including allowing a ‘two-thirds majority of the States to override a US Supreme Court decision’ – @brianmrosenthal

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Here is a local link to this story.

Next, the US Navy released a video showing just how much contempt Iran really has for the United States.

The link is here.

Even the corporate news media is getting on the Doomer Doug bandwagon regarding Iran. This link here shows why Iran is now acting in such a brazen manner.

We also have the latest salvo in the take down of Hellary Clinton. I will say again we are now seeing a well planned effort to remove her from the Presidential race in 2016. This is what the evidence tells me is going on over the last several days. It is the political version of Chinese Water Torture. This is the one where they drop one drop of water on you for hours. Hellary is going to suffer death by one thousand leaks. Again, this is the modus operandi of how “they” take down a politician “they” have decided needs to go.

Smoking Gun: Email Suggests Hillary Broke Law

Smoking Gun: Email Suggests Hillary Broke Law

Clinton instructed an aide to remove the classification marking from information, a federal offense

by Keith Koffler

Here is another leak pounding Hellary into further political mush.

   My prediction of a fecal storm exploding in Germany over the well planned TERROR CAMPAIGN TO RAPE AND MOLEST EUROPEAN WOMEN OVER NEW YEAR’S EVE CONTINUES TO PROVE CORRECT.

     This link explains the situation further.

Chanting “Merkel out” and waving German flags, supporters of the xenophobic PEGIDA movement vented their anger Saturday against migrants after a rash of sexual assaults in the western city of Cologne.

By Joseph Nasr and Matthias Inverardi

COLOGNE, Germany (Reuters) – Riot police broke up far-right protesters in Cologne on Saturday as they marched against Germany’s open-door migration policy after asylum seekers were identified as suspects in assaults on women on New Year’s Eve.

      And finally, here in the USA of Obama’s Marxist dictatorship we have example number 304 of “workplace violence.” The fact the MILITANT ISLAMIC SUPPORTER OF ISIS RAN TO MURDER THE POLICE OFFICER DOESN’T MATTER. WE CAN FULLY EXPECT OBAMA TO DENY IT WAS A TERROR ATTACK.

Cops: Suspect Says He Shot Officer In Name Of Islam

A gunman who pledged allegiance to ISIS ambushed a Philadelphia police officer Thursday night, unleashing a hail of bullets at him “in the name of Islam,” officials said.

     Yep, we can expect more “lone wolf” style terror attacks under our FECKLESS AND IGNORANT OBAMA AND HIS “KUMBAYAH STYLE ANTI-TERROR POLICY.

   I am celebrating my 62nd birthday today. I think I will go see the new movie, “Revenant.” It looks to be pretty good.



  1. Happy Birthday!
    I hope to reach that someday… if the world doesn’t completely go to hell before then, but it doesn’t look to good does it?


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