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It is a truly fascinating thing to watch a US President implode on live television. What was planned to be Obama’s triumphant declaration regarding gun control, turned into a farce worthy of either the Three Stooges, or better yet, the DC version of Monty Pythons Spam song. The following link comments that our esteemed egomaniac in Chief referred to himself 76, yes 76 times, in a little over 30 minutes.


Next, we have a link at http://www.drudgereport.com about what can only be called the collapse of Obama into self parody. I have to say the level of brazen cynicism, cunning theatrics and amoral opportunism is stunning, even by Obama’s standards. The man has no character. The man has no shame. The man is a self indulgent fool. I am wondering how we can live through the final year of what has increasingly become a journey into national insanity.

My comments are here.

Gang, the shit storm has already started. Obama is now coming under savage attack for wanting to prevent certain people on Social Security from buying guns. The one iron clad rule in DC is you NEVER GO AFTER SOCIAL SECURITY. Immediately, Obama has unleashed a firestorm that is already derailing his deranged press conference. The man barely opened his mouth and already a tidal wave of controversy is overwhelming him.

I have said Obama is an ignorant, arrogant, self deluded egomaniac. The launch of this so called “gun offensive” confirms the man really does not understand the political process. He is another one of those Presidents who understands campaigning for office, is deft at playing the election game and process, BUT HAS NO IDEA OF WHAT TO DO ONCE HE IS ELECTED. Given Obama’s lame duck status, he is even more dysfunctional than he has been the last seven years. Yep, this is a nothing burger and will only serve to hand Trump even more live ammo to pound the Hellary beast, the Democrats in general and the uber liberals into MUSH.

The major commentary on Obama’s press conference wasn’t on what he said, it was his whiny, teary rant. I haven’t seen this kind of political implosion since Ed Muskie in the 1972 Presidential campaign. Obama is nothing at this point. The final phase will be like watching two trains headed towards each other, but not having crashed yet. <G>

Meanwhile, the next President of the United States Donald Trump continues to mash the liberal and media elites into something similar to what Cream of Wheat looks like after you have poured milk on it. He issued a video showing hordes of people storming over a border wall. The leftist media found out it was in Morocco and not Texas, went super hyper drive and mocked Trump. Trump, in the kind of vicious, cunning attacks needed to gut the leftist media like the bottom feeding carp fish they truly are, sent a reply. He said that if we do nothing now, with emphasis on his famous “I will build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it,” this is what our borders will look like. Score one for the Donald! He is going to win because he is quite willing to smack the liberals around and show them as liars for the Democrats.

Next, we have a story out of Germany that is both disturbing and prophetic. It seems the tidal wave of young Muslim men now pouring into Europe are in fact serial rapists, perverts and sexual predators.

Here is one link.


The link referring to “North African and Arab men” doing the raping is from a British source that is seriously anal retentive about linking to its stories. You will just have to trust me on that one.

Of course, we have the usual government cover-up, since Merkel can’t admit she has unleashed a horde of Muslim rapists into Germany.

German Authorities Accused of Covering Up Mass Sexual Assault by Hundreds of Migrants

I have now officially retired as of my 62nd birthday on January 9th, 2016. I expect to start getting direct deposit in early March. I intend to follow the advice of the “Guide to blogging for Dummies,” I just checked out from the Library. It mentions if you are serious about your blog, you need to post several times a week, hopefully daily. I don’t know about that, but I will give it a shot. By the way, comments are welcomed, so start commenting if you like or don’t my posts. I have noticed I apparently have some international readers. Feel free to comment as I don’t consider myself to be just an American writer.






  1. Congratulations on reaching retirement! Now the work begins! Enjoy reading but seldom comment, no reason too, when you so eloquently state the facts. Hope you continue to post and I will continue to read and shake my head in disbelief as to why others cannot see the world as you do.


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