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This liberal insanity over Donald Trump is going to cost them dearly in the end. We have Iris Dei, or the wrath of God. We also have Iris Populares, or wrath of the people. Liberals, beware of what you are dealing with here, or America will pay the price down the road.



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I regard Donald Trump as a true American Patriot in the best sense of the word. He is not the racist moron the elite are painting him with. Instead, he is a practical businessman who knows how the game is played.

My personal opinion is Trump best reflects what actually happened in Cambodia in the spring of 1975. After South Vietnam fell, Pol Pot, the raving lunatic of a communist purist, came to power in Cambodia. The local government and business elite calmly waited for his forces to enter PhomPen? and see what was going to happen. The first to enter were about 100 of his best men, calm, well spoken and didn’t seem to be crazy at all. The elite smiled and thought, “well this isn’t so bad.” Within 24 hours, Pol Pot showed up with the rest of his so called “army.” He then began a process that would result in roughly one quarter, 25 percent, of Cambodia’s population being murdered. He forced the non farmers, the urban masses, the intellectuals, teachers etc out into the countryside in search of his rural vision. They died en mass.

The thing the domestic elites need to understand quite clearly is this. Donald Trump is the first 100 guys into the capital city. I am somewhat bemused when the liberal whine Trump is a fascist etc. They have NO IDEA what a real fascist is like, much less what he would do. The liberals apparently think Trump is going to set up death camps and go Nazi on them. THIS IS AN INSANE IDEA AND REFLECTS THE FACT THE ELITE HAS NO IDEA OF WHAT TRUMP REALLY REPRESENTS.

I will tell people plainly, you do not need to fear Trump. What you need to fear, assuming the elite manages to crush his run, or play mind games with his followers, or rig the election is the person who runs for office after Trump is castrated. I assure you all, that person will be a true fascist. He will indeed harness the seething rage of Trump’s supporters who really have been betrayed and abandoned. At that point, the American system will have lost ALL LEGITIMACY. At that point, large numbers of former Trump supporters will be quite willing to go fascist in response to elite treachery. And at that point, we will see a Nazi style, populist government be ELECTED, REPEAT BE ELECTED, INTO OFFICE. And they will be as nasty, mean and vicious a group as the liberals think Trump is.

The liberals will simply be hunted down, given a quick show trial and SUMMARILY EXECUTED FOR TREASON. All the current nonsense the liberals are now whining about, WILL BECOME REALITY. The reason it will become a fascist reality is the liberals will have convinced most Americans it is the only way to deal with the corruption, incompetence and TREASON passing for the system now in place in the USA.

Yep, I view Trump as a SAVIOR who is trying to prevent what will happen if the elite really does what they want to do to Trump. The elite fails to understand it is the 30 to 40 MILLION MEMBERS OF THE ARMED MILITIA who will finally deal with the mutant oligarchs now running the show.

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