Personal letter I sent to Vladimir Putin

Greetings and Merry Christmas Vladimir Putin in these trying times. Below is a link to my comments about what I am calling “The Putin Doctrine.” I feel it will eventually, not right away, be seen as the Russian version of America’s Monroe Doctrine forbidding European Colonial Powers from taking over South America. If I understand what you said correctly, you have told the USA, the EU and NATO to butt out of the Ukraine. You have also openly guaranteed the survival of all the Ethnic Russians in the Ukraine from the ongoing Nazi level war crimes being done to them by that clown in Kiev. I call him Porky the Warmonger and that such a trivial man should have such a lethal impact is astounding. There is a pic of him looking through a pair of binoculars with the cap still on. At any rate you should know that some of us here in the USA get it. We understand you are the only world leader actively engaged in fighting Militant Islam and its evil spawn called ISIS. We understand that Turkey has gone quite mad with its effort to restore the Ottoman Empire. We understand Sharia Law requires the elimination of all Western law going back to Ancient Rome. We understand the so called Caliphate means all other of secular political systems must be crushed. We understand that we are now in a total war with Militant Islam. You get that, Vladimir Putin, but no leaders in the West seem to. I think we are now engaged in a holy and sacred war, against overwhelming odds for the survival of Western culture and civilization against a version of Islam, Militant Islam that has no morality, no ethics and no other plan than to exterminate anybody who doesn’t agree with them. You get that and I salute you for that. The Putin Doctrine is being ignored by the Western media which always makes excuses for what Kiev does.

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