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I think the USA is going to face a crisis involving violence against evil in the near future. We are raising a generation of young people who respond to violence, or evil, with a whining call for somebody else to deal with it. ISIS doesn’t care. Evil doesn’t care. The fact the USA has now turned into a country of wimps is of no concern to our enemies. This is also a self solving problem. The USA will either get the cajones to fight our enemies, domestic and foreign, or we will be overwhelmed.

I think a lot of what is called “Christian Pacifism” is based on a complete misunderstanding of what Jesus Christ actually said. It is a fact one of the things the ancient Roman Pagans charged Christians with was cowardice. The reason was many, not all, early Christians refused to join the Roman Legions and fight the barbarian hordes. Self Defense is a morally acceptable way to deal with evil at all levels.

What Jesus Christ really said is to “turn the other cheek” if you are struck. I will note a person striking your cheek IS NOT TRYING TO KILL YOU. Jesus said you were to return insults with mildness.

Obviously, Jesus certainly implied, although did not specifically say, that if a person hits you in the solar plexus, or kicks you in the testicles, or tries to shoot you, or hack you to death with a sword, YOU SHOULD TAKE WHATEVER STEPS TO DEFEND YOU OR YOUR FAMILY YOU NEED TO. It is not “moral” to allow your wife or daughter to be raped, your son murdered, or you to be killed like a sheep.

I will also note that the one time Jesus directly talked to Roman Legion soldiers HE DID NOT TELL THEM TO STOP BEING MEMBERS OF A ROMAN LEGION. Instead, he told them to be honest, not steal from the public and otherwise behave in a moral fashion.

The widespread belief that not responding to evil, and not using violence, is more moral than actively resisting evil is foolish. Standing there and letting an innocent person be murdered, is NOT CHRISTIAN AT ALL. It is a form of moral cowardice in my view. Further, the wise man said that all that is needed for evil to prosper is for good men and women do nothing to resist it.

I think a young man in 1942 would have a moral obligation to kick the living fecal material out of Adolph Hitler and Hirohito. I think we have a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to kill any ISIS member we can, because they are behaving like animals right now.

I do not seek out my enemies, nor do I lust for violence. I assure you all, I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO SHOOT ON SIGHT ANY MEMBER OF ISIS WHO CAME INTO MY PRESENCE AND ENGAGED IN WAR CRIMES. This is the moral thing to do.

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