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The RINO, Republican In Name Only, types are now talking about kicking Donald Trump out of the Party. If the RINO types do that, it will  end the current Republican Party as it exists now. Trump will go 3rd Party and win anyway.

What we are now seeing in the “Trump phenomenon,” is the third wave of a powerful populist surge that cycles through American history every few decades or so. Trump is in the same populist tradition as the original Republican Party that nominated Lincoln and resulted in the Civil War. He is in the same populist tradition common in the Midwest in the 1880s. And finally, Trump is the third populist cycle that started with the Tea Party, was followed by the Occupy Movement and now Trump. The Tea Party was sold out to Republican warmongers like Sarah Palin and the Koch Brothers. The Occupy Movement collapsed into the leftist anarchy at its core. Trump has the Moxee, the political cunning, and the money to fully capitalize on a broad based, national core ideology surging OUTSIDE OF THE MAINSTREAM ELITE MEDIA AND POLITICIANS. THEY JUST DON’T “GET IT.”

Yep, Trump is an interesting man, and even more amazing as the concrete expression of a very powerful populist wave now going critical mass. For the first time since 1860, the USA is now dealing with not only the creation of a credible third party, but also the creation of an armed militia. The RINOS fail to understand the true threat to their insolent power is not Trump, IT IS THE CREATION OF AN ARMED MILITIA FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. I really wonder if either the RINO whores, much less Obama, Hellary and the Marxist elite fully understand the kind of populist, armed and lethal response they are now courting. In fact, we are now in the late stages of a cultural civil war on gun control, abortion, homosexuality and the Confederate Flag chaos that is nothing less than a brutal attack on American conservative and populist culture.

We are now seeing, in my opinion, the creation of an armed military and political response to this PC crap joining the armed militias, the enraged lower and middle ranks of the military, along with media types like Doomer Doug. Yep, both the Marxists and RINO oligarchs should be peeing in their pants right now.

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