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It has been lost in all the noise regarding Turkey’s sending in troops and tanks to Mosul, Iraq what Vladamir Putin just authorized. Putin has not forgotten his S-34 pilot was murdered by ISIS when he parachuted from his plane.

The key thing I have noticed is the Shia Armed Militias, under the control of Iran’s Ayatollah, and not so much by the farce of a Shia government in Baghdad, just declared war on any Turkish forces deployed at Mosul.

Further, now that Assad has his S-300 missiles fully operational, he now has created a de-facto no fly zone over Syria. If you add in the Russian Heavy Cruiser, with its long range cruise missiles, the newly deployed S-400 systems at the Russian coastal naval bases, along with new combat helicopters, missile upgrades to the S-34 jets, well Turkey is pretty much road kill.

Turkey had to deploy east. If they had deployed south into Syria, the massive Russian fire power would have vaporized them. I think a few of use here have come to the conclusion Putin now has full operational control of Syrian air space, the entire coastal region, and is now pushing north, using the Syrian Army, directly into core ISIS areas in Northern Syria. Putin has also pretty much told Turkey he will not only shoot down ANY Turkish military plane that enters Syrian airspace, but HE HAS FULLY COMMITTED TO USING DEEP RECON KILL TEAMS TO GET THE PEOPLE WHO SHOT HIS PILOT TO DEATH.

If people remember what Russia did in 1983 after their diplomat was kidnapped, versus what the USA didn’t do when the Lebanon CIA station chief Buckley was kidnapped, you will understand what Putin really said. Russia hunted down the entire family groups of the men who kidnapped their diplomat AND KILLED EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM.

Yep, it should not be lost that Vladamir Putin, in his official capacity as Russia’s political and military leader, just authorized hunt and kill operations inside of Turkey against targets he declares as enemies of the Russian state. Gang, this is a HUGE STEP and means Russian special forces will be roaming inside of Turkey killing targets at will.

Yury Barmin ā€@yurybarmin 3h
Being told that Russia is hunting for 3 Turkish citizens,
1 is Alparslan Celik who killed a Russian pilot.

Yury Barmin ā€@yurybarmin 3h
Russians are determined to track them down
even if they are already in Turkey.
Apparently there’s a bunch of Chechens willing to help

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