My blog readers know that I have been saying a coherent terror campaign has been ordered by what is known as ISIS. I think the facts confirm what I first wrote about on November 16th. The attack in California was a terror attack, by members of Militant Islam using standard terror techniques and means. The goal of any terror attack is to unleash an atmosphere of terror in the targeted country.  The California attack has done so. Further, it is revealed, just like the Wizard of Oz’s curtain being pulled back, just how corrupt, incompetent and brain dead the current PC based mindset is. It reveals Obama, his Obamabots and the usual PC clowns spewing nonsense, for what they are. Yep, CONUS  is different than it was 48 hours ago. The elite has been shown to be unable to protect us from the Militant Islam terrorists they have allowed to pour into the USA during Obama’s reign of Marxist terror. The political results of that will be both widespread and long lasting.


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     This is clearly a terrorist attack by Muslims seeking to kill as many Americans as possible. I just posted a thread on the political backlash in France now helping Ms. Le Pen and her anti-immigrant party. We will see the same thing here to the benefit of Donald Trump. The idiotic, stupid, PC based comments by the liberals are now totally meaningless in the current atmosphere. The PC, diversity, multicultural mindset has now been shattered completely. The fact the three stooges are reduced to the same tired, lame statements show how out of touch they are now with the views of the American people.

It is a simple fact the TRUE results of this attack are Sheriff Joe calling for the creation of a 250,000 strong armed militia. The TRUE story is Donald Trump is now well over 30 percent in the latest polls. The TRUE facts are despite the whining, gnashing of teeth by the usual liberal, Democratic party, PC types the American people are not buying what the PC crowd is selling.

Yep, the political climate in the USA just changed in regards to illegal immigration, Muslim Refugees and attitudes towards PC, diversity and the whole multicultural mindset now smothering the USA. Obama is now completely meaningless in terms of the current debate on these subjects. The usual Democratic Party PC types, the usual media shills, the usual Muslim apologists like CAIR now find themselves completely shut out of the debate. They have now been openly shown to be fools, cowards and apologists for terrorists.

The game has now changed in America. When, not if, there are more ISIS based attacks here in CONUS, the results will be the same as what is going on in France. The PC types will mount a last ditch, Alamo style defense of the entire PC based mindset that they must defend. They will fail in this frantic defense. The reason is the majority, nearly two thirds at this point, have decided they need to defend themselves regardless of what the PC crowd says. After all, it is now a matter of personal survival now. You can be damn sure the liberal PC types are going to be hiring armed bodyguards and buying underground bunkers to live in. The rest of us can die in their PC purity as far as the elite is concerned. Unfortunately for the elite, the people have figured this out, or at least as many of them that have a functioning brain. This means the one third that has always supported Obama, no matter what he does, will go down in PC flames in blind support of both Obama and the entire PC based mindset.


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