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Here is a link to the discussion of today’s attack in California.

Below is the link to the thread I started over two weeks ago, on November 16th, 2015. I always keep in mind British General Bernard Montgomery’s famous statement that, “first reports are nearly always wrong,” when dealing with this kind of situation. On the other hand, there is now enough credible information out there to come to several conclusions.

First, this type and style of attack is fully consistent with known Militant Islam tactical doctrines. We have had literally hundreds of attacks that have unfolded exactly the same way this one has. I have seen NOTHING to absolutely confirm this is a terror attack. I also have also seen nothing that can absolutely say it isn’t. Given the attack style, the extremely high KIA to WIA rate, of fifty percent, this at least indicates the shooter were going for KIA. Usually, the rate of people killed is much lower than the number of people wounded. Again, a 50 percent KIA means they were shooting at people to KILL THEM. The other scenarios, bank robbery, going after the disabled people, are not consistent with what actually happened. What happened was a TARGETED STRIKE ON SPECIFIC PEOPLE IN A SPECIFIC ROOM. I will also note the “fact,” the door to that specific room was not locked tells me there “may” have been some preparation involved.

Second, the fact the shooters executed the attack in a military style, a quick in and out, plus the fact they were wearing military BDU clothing, using AK-47 rifles; finally, were wearing body armor means we are dealing with well trained people. The fact they then fled the scene quickly and scattered widely also indicates a well trained force. This can be absolutely ruled out as a lone wolf style attack by a mentally unstable person. The execution at all levels was professional, effective and flawless. The only reason, in my opinion, the other 14 wounded people are not dead is a tactical decision was made to not give them a follow up shot. If the attackers had planned on a hostage type situation the wounded would either be dead, or the attackers would still be there.

Third, the mobility involved indicates the attackers plan, eventually in an unknown time frame, to strike again.

Fourth, rumors of them shouting “God is Great,” or looking like Muslims are unconfirmed, at least to me, right now. I will await confirmation of that. Of course, the leftist, PC media and politicians are going to censor that as long as they can.

I will also remind everybody of what I have been saying for some time. “They” will censor Militant Islam attacks as long as they can in the beginning. “They” will then spin it as long as they can, just like the “workplace violence” attack at Fort Hood by Mr. Hasan was.

I am leaning towards a terror attack at this point based on the known evidence, the known facts and the known tactical doctrines commonly used by Militant Islam. I also think this attack is fully consistent with my “ISIS PLANS TO UNLEASH TERROR CAMPAIGN THREAD.”…ge3&highlight=

The following is from a recent Newspaper article from the New York Times News Service dated November 23rd, 2015. It was in a section called, “Focus On.” We got ourselves a terror civil war between Al Qaida and ISIS. We also have a centrally planned global terror campaign by ISIS. Yep, I posted this thread a while back. It is nice the powers that be have finally figured out what was obvious to Doomer Doug.

“The recent attacks in Paris and Beirut and the downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt were the first results of a centrally planned terrorism campaign by a wing of the Islamic State group’s leadership that oversees “external” targets, according to US and European intelligence officials.


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