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It has just occurred to me, since Al Qaida is now claiming responsibility for the Mali attacks, we have entered deep do do phase three. It is bad enough ISIS has launched a global terror campaign. It is becoming clear Al Qaida, in order to stay credible, save face etc, will start launching its own terror attacks in response to ISIS attacks.

Dueling banjos from the movie “Deliverance,” now becomes dueling terror attacks. Yep, the blood is going to really start flowing now.

ISIS has now fully claimed the Sunni Jihad mantle. They will not tolerate any other Sunni terror group stealing their thunder. The Taliban and Al Qaida have no place in ISIS’S restored Sunni Caliphate. This means in addition to the ongoing ISIS war against “crusaders, infidels, Jews and others,” they will continue to try and crush the Sunni Militant Islam opposition. Obviously, Iran, Hezzbollah, and the Shia in general are still open season for ISIS.

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