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I think it is now clear, at least to me, my previous post on the ongoing ISIS terror campaign correctly analyzed the facts about what ISIS is now doing. The link to the ongoing debate over at timebomb is below. The following are my comments, specifically to one of the thread posters who doesn’t quite get what I do. I am an amateur intelligence analyst who looks at the facts, what is now going on, and comes to conclusions about them. The conclusions are based on facts, with my analysis based on logic, reason and knowledge. People can certainly disagree with my conclusions, or dismiss it for their own reasons. Still, given the number of ISIS attacks, the wide geographical range of these attacks, I think the facts speak for themselves. I also think the fact multiple ISIS terror operatives have been caught in Central America, or coming over Obama’s wide open southern border, is a clear indication ISIS is trying to launch a terror campaign. For example, the video now circulating of the suicide bomber planning to strike New York City is what I am talking about.

I am not sure where this idea Muslim terrorists are morons came from. Muslim terrorists have shown a level of flexibility, as well as the ability to adapt to counter terror attacks, that I find disturbing. Whatever Militant Islam is, it is isn’t incompetent, or given to making many mistakes. This doesn’t mean they don’t screw up from time to time. It does mean they learn from their mistakes, adapt, overcome and implement changed tactics at a level that means they are not to be taken lightly. Further, as the “Victory at Sea,” TV history of the US Navy in World War Two puts it, “The American sailors fought to live off of Okinawa, and Japan’s suicide bombers fought to die.” I am telling you quite plainly Militant Islam is generating thousands of true believers who use death as a military tactic. Frankly, the job of Western counter intelligence agencies is very difficult in trying to stop people who want to die executing terror attacks. Lindbergh, the famous aviator, once said, “The bomber always gets through.” He was correct. Despite the massive effort now underway in the West to prevent terror attacks, the truth is some are going to make it. After all, the blunt reality of anti-terror efforts is we have to stop 100 out of 100 terror attacks. All Militant Islam has to do is get one out of every 100 attacks past the defense. Paris showed they can do that with little problem. The firefight today also shows the level of commitment Militant Islam is willing to make.


GG, the French just engaged in a massive firefight with ISIS terrorists in Paris, France. The Germans just narrowly avoided a terror strike in the Hannover main train station. I am looking at the facts and making informed analysis based on what is now happening. I still don’t see how, with all this now going on, you can say ISIS hasn’t launched a coherent, planned terror campaign. I just don’t. You get to think whatever you want, but the FACTS indicate my analysis is correct.

I think GG still doesn’t quite get what we do here at

Timebomb has been around for over two decades at this point. The posts are divided into posts about facts, documented facts on a wide variety of subjects. The other type of post is what this thread does. This thread is analysis based on known facts. We have a long history of posts commenting on, speculating on, analyzing what the facts mean. This thread is in a long tradition of doing that. I listed the facts, the multiple, ongoing terror attacks by ISIS and speculated they mean ISIS has indeed formally launched a terror offensive against both Europe and the USA. Whatever GG thinks about it, it is clear the pace, scope and geographic scale of the ongoing ISIS terror attacks is taking things to the next level.

ISIS has now launched terror attacks in Yemen, Lebanon, France, Syria, Iraq, and likely Turkey in the last 30 days. Sorry, GG but to me that means they have launched a terror offensive. Given the fact that multiple, repeat multiple, ISIS terror operatives have now been CONFIRMED to be trying to come over our southern border, as well as Central America, I think it is a reasonable conclusion, solely based on the FACTUAL EVIDENCE ISIS is now coming after us here in America. GG, you may not think that is the case, and you get to do that. However, you do not get to call me a moron for coming to the informed opinion I have come to, again based on the facts.

I think several other posters, here at timebomb, like Raganork for example, are pretty much on the same page as I am.

So, gang prepare yourself for an ISIS inspired, planned and execute TERROR CAMPAIGN. I am talking about multiple, sustained, ongoing individual terror attacks that are part of a PATTERN OF TERROR. Again, I am talking about a military campaign based on terror. Think what you want, believe what you want, but this is what I personally see happening now by ISIS.

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