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This is the link to the story about an ambulance full of C-4 being found in Germany at the stadium Merkel planned to sit in and watch the soccer game. Of course, the powers that be are now denying there were any explosives in the ambulance, but that is to be expected. I seriously doubt if Merkel would admit Hanover nearly saw two separate bombings given her refugee policies. The C-4 was there.




DOOMER DOUG is starting this thread, not to freak everybody out, but to issue a clear warning about what the Paris Massacre indicates is about to happen. I think ISIS has now decided to launch a general military campaign with the goal of unleashing as much terror as they can. I believe they are specifically targeting the Christmas shopping season for several reasons.

The first reason is economic. Bin Laden stated after 9-11-2001 one of the key goals was a general economic dislocation, combined with a massive increase in military spending designed to bankrupt the USA. Bin Laden has been very effective in that one aspect of his total ideology. The second reason is to directly respond to the ongoing military attacks now being done against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. ISIS has concluded they can launch small scale, in terms of actual people and supplies, terror attacks deep behind enemy lines. The “war against ISIS, ” is no longer “over there,” it is now over here. The third reason is to discredit the Western governments and potentially cause them to withdraw from the war against ISIS.

If some of you think that isn’t a realistic policy for ISIS, you should realize the government in Spain withdrew after the terror attacks in Madrid. We have badly underestimated ISIS. We failed to realize they will attempt to use terror and political means to gain military victory. After all, a few pounds of C-4 explosive, a few AK-47 rifles with 2,000 rounds of ammo combined with a few RPGs is a CREDIBLE TERROR WEAPON SYSTEM.

Yep, while I hope I am wrong, my gut feeling is ISIS is going to come directly after the USA and Russia with terror strikes against soft, domestic targets. Again, three guys with AK-47s, 1,000 rounds of ammo and a suicide vest with a pound of C-4 can attack any school, mall, church, or sports stadium in the USA with impunity, and at will. The system will not realize there is a problem until the gunfire starts.

Sorry gang, but the reality is ISIS has clearly made a tactical military decision to use terror as an means to achieve political goals. I will also note I gave the specific example of Spain withdrawing as a direct result of the Madrid terror attacks. It is a simple fact ISIS is evolving its tactics and strategy as a result of the massive military strikes on it in both Iraq and Syria. It is clear to me, at least it is, ISIS has taken the next step and now plans a TERROR CAMPAIGN to get the political result it wants but can’t get from direct military means. I am telling you quite bluntly ISIS held the meetings, deployed the people and supplies to do just that.

The other issue is individual lone wolf Muslims acting on their own.

Okay, I thought I made myself clear here but Greenreptile<G> didn’t get it.

In the last 30 days ISIS has done the following.
1. They shot down a Russian jet, at altitude, using a very sophisticated anti-air missile.
2. They shot at a British jet and barely missed, 1,000 yards I think.
3. They set off a suicide bomb in Beirut, Lebanon against Hezzbollah.
4. They, in my opinion, were involved in the Turkish “peace rally,” attack.
5. They unleashed 3 armed teams in Paris, France and killed 130 innocent civilians.
6. They have been openly stating they want individual Muslims to join in the terror fun as lone wolves.

GreenGekko, this tells me ISIS is now fully operational in the asymetrical warfare style at this time. It tells me they have DECIDED to respond to the ongoing attacks by Russia, the US etc with terror attacks, deep behind enemy lines, specifically targeting “soft civilian targets.” If ISIS had not done this, GG, THEN WE WOULDN’T HAVE SEEN FIVE SEPARATE ISIS SPONSORED TERROR ATTACKS IN THE LAST 30 DAYS.

If people want to label this under the “woo woo” category this is fine with me. On the other hand, the FACTS are saying my title is spot on regarding what ISIS is now planning and doing. So, this means I fully expect ISIS to continue doing what it has been doing in the last month or so. I fully expect them to hit as hard as they can, over as wide a geographical area as they can, and specifically to target the countries now engaged in military attacks on them in both Iraq and Syria. Now, if people want to label this “hysteria,” or “fear mongering,” I have no problem with that. On the other hand, I just look at what ISIS is both doing and saying and have come to the conclusion is we are now dealing with an ISIS military campaign based on terror tactics. ISIS is no longer capable of moving or supplying its troops in either Syria or Iraq due to the ongoing air attacks. What they can do, and have decided to do, is start hitting below the belt at soft targets in those countries attacking it.

Yep, I am talking about a coherent, planned military campaign involving terror attacks. ISIS has the assets in place, in terms of people and supplies, to give the West one hell of a Christmas season if they chose to. Personally, it is impossible to stop a lone wolf style of attack beforehand. I also left out the multiple, in my opinion, lone wolf attacks that have happened in the USA the last few weeks. The gentleman in California was executing a TERROR ATTACK, despite what the mainstream media says about it.

People are free to take this thread and my opinions with as much salt as they wish to. Still, ISIS has clearly taken things to the next level with the Paris attacks. I see no reason why ISIS will back off now. I see no reason for them to not continue with their well planned, well supplied and well executed terror campaign. Of course, we can expect the powers that be to suppress as many lone wolf attacks, like the several that have already happened, as they can. Housecarl is correct. The attacks if they happen in sustained, wide ranging, multiple attack mode will be nearly impossible to keep quiet. I am sure “they” will try to do so. ISIS is not just a military group trying to establish a restored Caliphate. ISIS has a political agenda. I am saying the terror campaign is dual purpose. The first is a military response to being attacked by both Russia and the USA. The second is a political ideology designed to change Western policy, unnerve Western populations and inflict as much economic, political, psychological and mental damage as they can. Retail during the Christmas season is roughly one half to two thirds of ALL retail sales in any given year. If all ISIS can do is make people slow their spending, they will have delivered a blow to the USA, Europe and Russia that is much greater than the minimal resources they are committing. 8 guys with AK-47s in either Syria or Iraq is one bomb crater, gang. 8 guys with Ak_47s at the Mall of America is a economic chaos causing, retail spending crushing result.

ISIS isn’t stupid by any means. They are looking to cause maximum damage, with minimal resources. The evidence of what they are now saying, have done, and presumably plan to continue doing indicates we are indeed now facing a terror campaign.


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