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In the last few weeks, ISIS has shot down a Russian airliner, shot at a British airliner, executed suicide bombings in Beirut, Lebanon, and now attacked in Paris, France. The level of tactical ability, preplanning and execution in these attacks is impressive. ISIS is making it clear they are moving to the second phase in response to being slaughtered by Russian airstrikes, Kurdish offensives and a general offensive against them. ISIS is going lone wolf in my view. The result of that will be significant in the political sphere in my view.

ISIS has now completely changed the political agenda in both the USA and Europe. It is one thing to feel sympathy for Muslim refugees, but is quite another to realize they are potential terrorists. Merkel, and the other liberal European and American leaders, are now fully exposed in my view. The political views of the voters have now changed and will result in a populist backlash of staggering proportions on the issues of both illegal immigration and Muslim refugees.

ISIS has decided that since it can’t very well resist the ongoing and effective military effort against it by Russia, among others, it is now going to plan B. Plan B is lone wolf attacks, carried out deep inside enemy lines. The attacks will be against “soft targets,” in both Europe and the USA. It is nearly impossible to prevent lone wolf attacks. The current liberal ideology prevents the kind of intelligence gathering needed to detect potential terror attacks. The populist pressure to do so will now overwhelm all the PC based stupidity now going on. The voter’s opinions are going to now link Muslim refugees with terrorists. For a political elite now focused on letting Muslims and illegals over the border with little supervision, the Paris attacks are a crushing defeat. It will redefine the debate. It will also, in my view, very likely make Donald Trump the next US President.

ISIS is suffering savage, effective military efforts that have exposed its greatest military weakness. ISIS is now unable to move forces and supplies around due to the threat of air attacks. ISIS can’t supply its troops, nor can it deploy them as needed. ISIS is now in the same state as the Germans were in 1945: they can’t move troops and supplies to where they are needed. The reason is Russia is now fully preventing them from moving around in either Syria or Iraq at this point.

ISIS has also managed to enrage multiple countries, like Iran and Russia, enrage both the Shia and other Sunni Muslims it wants to kill. The result is the military options for ISIS are getting fewer every day. In response, ISIS has now unleashed a campaign of terror. The result of that will be to increase public anger at Islam in general, and ISIS in particular. The kinds of views towards Islam now routinely condemned as “racist,” “bigoted,” and “anti-Islam,” will become more common. The real winners in this new ISIS offensive, and make no mistake this is a terror based military offensive, will be the various “far right,” parties in Europe, and Donald Trump. In fact, Trump’s position on illegals is going to resonate with voters who are now genuinely afraid of Islamic terror.

As for our “Moron in Chief, Obama,” let’s just say he is now totally meaningless in terms of real political power. His executive order to allow multiple millions of illegals a free pass has now been rejected by two levels of Federal Courts. I seriously doubt if even the Supreme Court will uphold him now. Further, we are one year away from a general election. I assure you, whatever the liberals now think, the sandbox has been breached. The level of political discourse on illegal immigration and Muslim Refugees has now been changed. It will be a rare politician who is going to be seen as supporting a tidal wave of Muslim refugees after the Paris attacks. You may rest assured of one thing: the illegal immigration and Muslim refugee debate, in both Europe and the USA, has now been directly linked to National Security. The type of National Security involving random terror attacks by Muslims. Militant Islam is not coming to the USA: it is here.

If ISIS continues to launch these kinds of attacks, especially in the United States, groups like CAIR are going to castrated, ignored in the political debate, and viewed as traitors and apologists for Militant Islam. Paris has changed things permanently in my view. French voters are now going to take a hard look at Muslims, and an even harder look at the liberal elite who allowed the attacks to happen. Le Pen, the leader of the far right party was  charged with “anti-Muslim hate speech,” for a recent speech she gave. The ground has shifted for France. Le Pen is now going to be viewed as the only political leader, with her Far Right Party, who understood the threat, and offered credible, logical responses to it. The fools who tarred her with the brush of “hate speech,” are going to find themselves under attack.

The game has changed. ISIS has now unleashed a wave of hatred against both Islam in general, and ISIS in particular. If I were a Muslim, living in either the USA or Europe, I would be very nervous.

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