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The election of Trudeau junior is going to seal the fate of Canada’s military into a third rate military. Pierre Senior, Prime Minister from 1968 to 1979, and again from March 1980 to June of 1984, is the military model Pierre Junior will follow. Granted, Harper the so called “conservative,” allowed the final phase of military collapse to happen in his ten year reign. Still, Pierre Junior will follow his father’s policies. Pierre Senior refused to serve during World War Two, had an extreme anti-military mindset, allowed the Canadian military to begin its slide into decay, heavily centralized government decision making at the Federal level in Ottawa, mismanaged the economy, and held to an aggressive anti-American policy. We can expect Pierre Junior to do the same thing.

The dismal story of the Canadian Navy, which is no longer a navy at this point, is in the link below.

It points out the only destroyer the Canadian “Navy” has is 43 years old, and rotting in port. The two logistics support ships have been scraped. The four submarines are over 20 years old. The 12 Frigates are over 20 years old. The 12 “coastal patrol vessels” are also over 20 years old. Canada now totally depends on the USA for all naval defense, coastal patrol, and given the condition of the planes and ships for search and rescue, possibly to do sea rescue for Canada. The bottom line is we can expect Pierre Junior to not do anything about it. Granted, some new ships are being built, but they are years away, over budget, and behind schedule.

The condition of the Canadian Army is slightly better, at least in terms of modern equipment. Still, when I look at what they really have, well I almost have to laugh. The Canadian Army has 181 tanks, which is less than one half armor division. 66 of these tanks, German Leopards were built in 1979. They do have about 80 Leopard Tanks built within the last ten years at least. They have NO Self Propelled Howitzers, or Multiple Rocket Launchers at all. They have, get this, 151, yes 151, Towed Artillery Pieces. The entire Army contains 92,000 Active Duty, along with 51,000 Active Reserve. This is out of 13 million fit for service, and 425,000 reaching military age every year. Canada hasn’t funded or taken its military seriously since World War Two, some 70 years ago. By the way, Canada has NO attack helicopters at all, although they do have 169 Helicopters for other duties.

We now have a situation in Canada where they have NO navy, an Army that is not taken seriously in global power ratings, and a Canadian Air Force that is also not up to the task. The entire Canadian Air Force has 64 F-18’s as fighter interceptors, along with another 64 for ground attack. This is 1970’s era technology, with the planes being built starting in 1983, some 32 years ago. Of the 21 types of aircraft listed by the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force, a staggering 15 types are non combat ones. Canada has finally started to replace the 1964 era Sea King anti-submarine helicopters this year. I guess Canada feels you should replace your helicopters every fifty years whether they need it or not.

I expect this dismal military situation in Canada to not only continue, but get worse. I won’t deny Canada has actually started to replace some of this decade’s old military equipment. I seriously doubt Pierre Junior, who already is pulling out of any oversea military deployments, to fund the military at the level it needs.

The bottom line is the entire northern flank of the USA is now wide open to attack. The current Canadian military couldn’t, as we used to say when I was in the US Army, fight its way out of a brothel. Yep, like a lot of other countries Canada is getting a free military defense courtesy of the US taxpayer. We are a nation of chumps in both the military and economic sense. Trump is going to win the election in my opinion. And when he does, the Canadian free loaders and mooches are going to get a wake up call.

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