BYE BYE BONEY! 9-25-2015

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I have said for some time that Donald Trump is going to shatter the current version of the Republican Party. We have one corporate party in the USA with a Democrat version and a Republican version. We also have a populist based version of both major parties. The RINO Republicans are the modern version of the old Goldwater/Rockefeller divide in the 1964 elections.

Donald Trump reflects the widespread populist roots of the current Republican Party. The resignation of Boney is the second shot in the long running populist corporate whore fight inside the Republican Party. The first was the primary loss in Virginia for Cantor. The second is the fleeing into the night of boney who has fulfilled his role of being Obama’s stooge.

Boney is the WHORE who has sustained a complete sell out to Obama for the last several years. Trump is the catalyst behind this ongoing PURGE of RINO types. Yep, the populist Republican Party LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. And don’t let the door hit your RINO ass on the way out either.

We are now seeing the populist backlash I have long predicted. I have no problem with that at all.

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