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The US stock market is not “crashing.” It is slowly deflating from an orgy of massive debt, zero interest rates from the vile Fed, along with some greed, corruption and delusional assumptions.

It is ALL ABOUT PERSPECTIVE. The “stock market crash” of October 1987 saw a point reduction of 500 points. This was a TWENTY FIVE PERCENT DECLINE IN STOCK VALUE FOR ONE TRADING SESSION. The market began at 2000, and ended up at 1500.

The “500 point loss” came out of market start of 17,000. People comparing a 25 percent daily market drop, to one around 3 percent, are not understanding what is really going on. We are seeing a systemic collapse, in daily and weekly segments, in a broad range of economic sectors. Relax, the system is going down. It will just take a while to let all the air out of the tires.

I also think three major economic and political factors are involved here. The major economic factor is the fact the US system, the oligarchy posing as the historical American Republic, has been bankrupt for the last several decades. The US has been living on debt that can’t be repaid under any reasonable revenue and government spending model. If all the USA wanted to do was to stop going into debt, it would have to cut the US Federal budget by the amount it now pays to the private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. This means an immediate tax increase, or budget cuts in the amount of several hundred billion dollars per year for the next decade or two. This would not “pay the US debt.” It would merely keep it from increasing. Obviously, no US politician is going to do anything of the sort. The USA is in the classic mode of a naked Emperor. We are at the point where nobody can state the obvious, at least in the “mainstream” farce that passes for economic and political reality, in the modern USA.

    We now have a defined economic reality where everybody knows the US debt is not going to be repaid. Views which were once held to be conspiracy theories, like the fact China has forced the US government to cede hard assets, like bridges, roads, mineral deposits, and physical land, to secure future loans, are now reality. Further, the vile Federal Reserve has been using money to prop up the whores of Wall Street since 1997 via the Plunge Protection Team. If you combine a debt that can’t be stopped from increasing, much less being paid off, along with foreign governments demanding hard US physical assets as collateral, well you see the true reality of “Imperial America.”

The political result of the above, both here and overseas, is anybody with an IQ above single digits understands what will eventually happen here in the USA. Further, it is clear the deep contempt foreign governments hold the US in, even our so called friends, is justified. The so called “stock market crash” must be viewed through a political prism defined by foreign economic, political and military interests. In fact, the take down of the Federal Reserve’s fiat money as a global reserve currency, used to pay for oil, is the real economic story here. I am saying that ALL ECONOMIC ISSUES in the USA are defined by the BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, attitudes towards ALL USA ECONOMIC, POLITICAL AND MILITARY POLICIES. I am saying this is not about the stock market, or even the US economy; I am saying the true goal is to take down the fiat dollar’s global reserve status and thus force, repeat force, the US Imperial Oligarchy to modify its Imperial military and economic policies.

The wider global view is a coalition of countries, all with their own separate agendas, have decided to come together for the final goal of beating the US oligarchy into mush. If all the US had to worry about was the logical result of decades of financial corruption, we should consider the US blessed. Instead, we are eventually going to see a financial version of Pearl Harbor. The stock market will be allowed to slowly collapse, under FOREIGN PRESSURE, in order to protect the US oligarchy from the results of their own greed and arrogance. Our domestic elite is perfectly willing to see us out, we peons called US citizens, in order to buy the time they need to deal with the other global oligarchs. I firmly believe there is indeed a New World Order. I think the plural, New World Orders, is more accurate. The fight is not whether the elite gets to the top of the ladder; the only real issues is which elite ends up at the top of the ladder. You should all remember that when the bottom falls out of this here USA. It is not required the American people live through the process; it is only required that the physical assets of American make it.

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