I am old enough to remember the hysteria over Nixon’s visit to China in 1972. If I had understood the implications of Nixon taking the USA off the gold standard in July of 1971, combined with the implications of Nixon’s visit to China, I wouldn’t be in the economic mess I am now in. Still, the complete, utter and total failure of the philosophy underlining Nixon’s ideology in visiting China is now clear. It is a fact the “idea” behind Nixon’s visit, allowing China to participate in the global economy, and the expected result China would become “free,” has collapsed by 2015. Whatever you can say about the Chinese economy, it is clear it is an export parasite economy. China has sucked most of the global manufacturing jobs from everywhere else. The result is Chinese slave labor, dismal working conditions, massive political and economic corruption, along with the gutting of the Western Middle Classes.

China is not free. China conned Nixon and his corporate whore supporters into funding massive development in China by paying to build factories. China ignores all safety, health, environmental, wage and worker benefit regulations. In this ECONOMIC TREASON they are aided and helped by a totally corrupt American ruling class seeking absolute profits; the total political destruction of the middle class in order to create their new version of feudal society. The list of “quality control issues” with Chinese products is so vast, so lethal in impact and scope it can be openly stated as a conspiracy between corrupt, former Chinese political leaders, US capitalists and politicians.They  really don’t care what level of damage they do.

We now see the stunning level of destruction, in the world’s fourth largest container port from twin explosions, from warehouses containing chemicals being shipped or manufactured. The reason China makes them is they can bypass ALL safety regs with impunity. After having DESTROYED the chemical industry in the West, China gains near total market share, abuses its workers and finds the odd explosion here and there acceptable. Well, the global elite, along with their Chinese manufacturing vampires, can’t complain of poor profits. It is PROFITABLE to bypass common sense, basic quality control, treating your workers like human beings, and playing the global “free trade” scam.

Granted, as the EPA farce at the toxic waste site shows, you don’t have to a corrrupt and incompetent corporation to cause an environmental disaster. Still, it does help to be able to totally ignore basic safety regulations related to chemical shipment and manufacture. I guess we Americans should feel lucky the explosion didn’t happen in a US port. Yep, the global whores are in rare form in China.

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