Yep, the USA is turning into a total farce.

Um, if you remember your ancient history, circa 1998 and the Clinton farce it is clear the level of corruption in that Sodom on the Potomac, Washington DC is now reaching Nero and Caligula levels. Nero and Caligula, if you don’t know were the psychos who ended up as Rome’s Caesar and did all kinds of psycho stuff.

Louie Freeh, Clinton’s FBI director gained his chops doing undercover work with the Mob. This means his deception and deceit skills were off the scale of normal people. Further, it is a FACT William Jefferson Clinton requested 900, yes 900, FBI files and Louie the Narc gave them to him. It certainly explains why Newt Gingrich never really moved on Clinton during the impeachment hearings. The reason being Clinton knew about Newt’s, and what kind of a name is Newt?, affair with the choir lady. Livingston, the other Republican, was forced to resign over his little scandal.

We are now in late Roman Republic, early Imperial/Oligarch political models here. And yes, just like dark matter, the most obvious factor explaining why the political leadership has REPEATEDLY ignored the wishes of the American people, is they are being blackmailed by the 900 FBI files now under operational control of the Democratic Party. Les Cesspool for sure.

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