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The man who is making this statement is the same Iraqi Shia leader who heads an armed Shia militia numbering in the tens of thousands. He is the same guy who openly engaged the US military in 2006 or so and damn near started a civil war. It was the ISIS mosque attack in Yemen that unleashed the total chaos now underway in Yemen. This attack is going to cause the Shia Muslims living in Eastern Saudi Arabia to respond. Saudi Arabia has some 15 percent of its population of the Shia Muslim sect. This is more than enough to cause the House of Saud to feel threatened and respond even more harshly than they have up to date. The Shia living in Saudi Arabia will be further radicalized and more likely to take direct action against the Sunni majority. A civil war inside of Saudi Arabia is no longer a fantasy given the mosque attack.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iraqi Cleric and Head of the Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr in a statement strongly condemned the Friday terrorist attack in a Shiite mosque in Eastern Saudi Arabia, and warned the Al Saud regime of the imminent outbreak of a revolution in that country.

Moqtada Sadr’s statement came after a suicide bomber blew himself at Qatif Shiite mosque in the East of Saudi Arabia during Friday prayers.

The senior Iraqi cleric said some parts of the Saudi government could have been engaged in masterminding or staging the Friday terrorist attack, and warned that in case of a similar incident in Saudi Arabia, unrest will break out in that country and there will be an Arab Spring.

“What happened against the Shiites in Qatif was not for the first time and I do not think that it was the last time either, specially when considering that the Saudi regime does not prevent the extremists from carrying out such terrorist actions,” he added.

Local residents said the explosion killed and wounded at least 30 people.

The blast took place at the Imam Ali mosque in the town of al-Qadeeh, in al-Qatif province. One witness said there were at least 30 casualties in the attack, where more than 150 people were praying.


  1. Walid Shoebat is a proponent of the interpretation of scripture that Iran will nuke Saudi Arabia and destroy Mecca and Medina. Read his book “God’s War on Islam”


  2. The title of this article states “Iran” directly threatens House of Saud, YET the source of the statement is an “IRAQI” cleric, so how is Iran part of this nonsense. Propagandize much?


    1. The situation inside Iraq is complicated, amigo. Bani Sadar is an Iraqi Shia leader. However, he is closely tied to Iran on several levels. In effect he is making comments with the approval of senior Iranian Shia leaders, likely to include the Grand Ayatollah himself.

      Iran is the real winner of the US 2003 invasion and war. Iran now pretty much sets the tone in Iraq. Iran considers Iraq to be part of its “Greater Iran” plan. Again, I view these comments as directly coming from Iran. The man is an Iranian puppet and actually lived in Iran for a while after the USA went after him for attacking US forces.

      Yep, Iran just directly threatened the House of Saud. You can be damn sure Saudi Arabia takes the threat seriously.


  3. Natch Iran would lash out. Not surprised. Moslems hate each others guts, along with Christians, Jews, Americans, Asian, non-Moslems and so on. Did I mention Arabs too?


  4. In case you missed the headline(s). Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and now Libya are allied with their cousins in IsRaEl.
    So it would make sense for Iran to protect itself from the vile creatures of IsRaEl.


    1. I would replace trukey with Egypt. Turkey/Erdogan has repeatedly stated they want to destroy Israel and recapture Jerusalem. Egypt on the other hand are part of the treaty and accept Israel as a nation.


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