CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Democratic Party Over Photo It Used to Celebrate Memorial Day

   Obama, our Marxist Traitor-in-Chief, continues to truly amaze Doomer Doug. I mean you just can’t make this stuff up, gang. Here it is  Memorial Day, the one day the USA honors the men and women who have DIED IN THE DEFENSE OF THE USA GOING BACK TO 1776; our esteemed leader Obama, or his minions, are so clueless they really don’t get how insulting, offensive and disrespectful it is to show our Commander- In -Chief eating an ice cream cone.

I have to say this shows Obama and the Democrats don’t get the underlying reason for Memorial Day. Obama eating an ice cream cone doesn’t exactly show a real level of dealing with sacrifice. Every single other American President, even our anti-military Clinton, went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and laid a wreath. Obama may actually do that, but after having sent out this” Memorial Day as no big deal photo” the damage is no longer containable. For all of you who seriously don’t think the US military will  not SUMMARILY EXECUTE OBAMA FOR TREASON IF THE FECAL MATERIAL HITS THE ROTATING BLADE, well you don’t get the level of open contempt Obama and the Democrats show in this picture. I am telling you the hatred level for Obama just went off the charts. It was one of the Roman Emperor’s who said for his replacement to “take care of the Praetorian Guard.” Obama’s Secret Service agents are clowns. The military hates Obama’s guts and will take him out no problem.

Obama is a little child playing at being Commander-in-Chief. When it really matters, and when the fact he has never been able to be anything other than a freaking clown OBAMA WILL BE QUIETLY ELIMINATED, AND THE ADULTS WILL TAKE OVER.

Granted, the USA is now a corrupt, incompetent, oligarchy run by greedy morons, but still the vision of a honor based Republic, and  run by a moral people showing moral virtue is worth fighting for. The USA was a Republic based on moral virtue. We should try that model again.

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