1. This is from I have long said we are undergoing a coherent, long planned attack by Marxist ideologues. Thanks to Be Well for this catch.<G>



    Written May 7, 2015 Bob Lonsberry

    When you recognize what, you need to ask why.

    It’s called situational assessment.

    What’s going on, and why is it going on?

    Like right now, in America, with the police.

    What’s going on, and why is it going on?

    What’s going on is that there is a concerted effort to defame and denounce local police. The president said this week that, across the country, men of color are treated differently, more harshly, by the police.

    He offered no data, no balance, no facts.

    Just the broadside indictment that all American cops are racists.

    Protest after protest, often with veteran progressive activists in command, have denounced and condemned the police. It is asserted as an unassailable fact that the police are racist, over-armed and disrespectful of people and their rights.

    None of it is backed up with facts, or anything other than a string of undocumented anecdotal accounts that sound like folklore.

    Fingers point at Ferguson, where three investigations showed that the officer did nothing but defend himself against a violent attack. Fingers point at Baltimore where everything boils down to a prisoner not having his seatbelt on.

    And speaking of Baltimore, it is a city with a 2-to-1 black majority, a black mayor and city council, a black police chief and a black prosecuting attorney, and a 43-percent black police force, and yesterday they announced that they were partnering with the Justice Department to root out anti-black practices.

    All stemming from an incident in which three of the six officers charged are black.

    The claim of racism has become so powerful that it is made and accepted as fact in the absence of evidence or logic.

    That’s the what.

    There is a concerted effort to damage public perception of local police, and to paint the profession of American law enforcement as a tool of anti-black racism.

    So what’s the why?

    Here’s my theory.

    In an administration that is intensely focused on the accumulation of federal power, and under a president who promised a federal domestic security force to rival the Defense Department in both personnel and budget, I think the goal is to lay the foundation for turning traditional law enforcement over to federal police.

    In each of the flare ups of late, the federal government has presented itself as the solution – even though it is clear the speeches and statements of senior federal officials fanned if not sparked the flames of conflict.

    The federal government has presented itself as the only protection blacks and Latinos have against racist cops.

    The federal government is doing everything it can to create the perception of a problem, and to simultaneously present itself as the solution to the problem.

    To me, that smells like a power grab.

    And the government can’t take to itself more power without taking from you more rights.

    More specifically, increased policing powers in the hands of the federal government makes those police agencies less accountable to the people. It also increases the potential, in the worst of circumstances, of despotic or oppressive actions.

    Local police departments, controlled by local chiefs and sheriffs – and the voters to whom they or their bosses have to answer – are not threats to civil rights, they are protectors of civil rights.

    The federal government has never really explained its need for something approaching a half a billion handgun bullets that could only be used for domestic policing. Why is it that agencies like the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, as well as the Department of Agriculture, have heavily armed military-style SWAT teams?

    And why is it that the president of the United States would work so hard to destroy public confidence in American law enforcement? Specifically, why would he do so much to assure the alienation of black Americans from the police?

    The what is fact – Defaming the police and defining their entire profession as bigotry.

    The why is theory – To turn enough Americans against the police to justify a power grab by the federal government.

    And that’s no good.

    And it’s all based on a lie.

    Because as the president and the TV anchors talk about police and community relations, I don’t know what they’re talking about.

    My community has great relations with the police. We respect them and they respect us.

    And polls show that Americans trust the police more than they trust politicians. Personally, I trust my local cops more than I trust my national president.

    What is being whipped up against the police is not logic or fact, it is prejudice and bigotry. And it is being whipped up for a reason.

    And that’s what I think we ought to be worried about.

    Asato Ma Sad Gamaya
    Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

    Leave illusion, come to the Truth
    Leave the darkness, come to the Light

    Here are my thoughts.
  2. We are dealing with a long planned MARXIST attack on the USA at all levels. We are seeing cultural, economic, political, military and system coherence attacks. The USA is divided into city, county, state and federal levels of authority. Obama our Marxist traitor is well into the destruction of the USA at the federal level. The Marxists are now going lower on the power chain in order to disrupt and destroy the USA at the city, county and state level. The vast majority of American citizens have far more contact with city, county and state government than they do with the Feds. The Marxist collapse of LOCAL authority will enhance the Federal collapse.


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