ISIS IN TEXAS 5-5-2015

      I think the USA of 2015 is now entering the final phase of the long planned race, religious and cultural civil war. We are now facing a multi-pronged attack on several fronts here in the decadent USA. We are seeing intentional efforts, planned out of Obama’s White House, to trigger a race war under the illusion of seeking racial equality. We are also seeing a coherent effort to impose Homosexual values on the popular culture. And finally, we are seeing the start of a religious war between Militant Islam and the remnants of Secular Christianity left in the USA. The final phase is the elimination of native Americans with hordes of illegals. Once the masses of illegal voters vote Democrat, in order to get their benefits promised by Obama, the ability to change things using the political process will be eliminated. After that, armed revolt, the famous Civil War Two will happen.

This particular attack, in my opinion, was sanctioned by the elite to trigger even more violence. The original attack, the two guys with guns, was clearly allowed to happen by the elite. One of them had been on the watch list since 2007. The revenge beating outside the Mosque was also sanctioned in my opinion. The  attacks were throwing more lighter fluid on the bonfire in order to further throw the USA into social anarchy.

    In terms of Islam in the USA, the real issue is not if there will be more violence. This is as certain as the sun coming up in the East. The real issue is after having poured multiple MILLIONS of Muslims into the USA, under the mantra of refugees, is whether they want to become Americans. The other issue is what we will do when it becomes clear they have no intention of accepting American culture; in fact, want to create a North American Caliphate. At that point, we will either deport them, or put them in camps like the Nissei in 1942, or kill them. Further, the type of government that will do that will be voted in, or come to power in a military coup.

Yep, those who think beating up a Muslim means much in the grand scheme of things don’t understand the skill and discipline the New World Order has used to destroy the historical American Constitutional Republic. If you get nothing else, then get the fact all this social anarchy in the USA now is part of a globalist plan to replace the USA with a feudal system.

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