The uber liberal, radical leftist, lesbian left anti-male groups have just suffered another devastating defeat in their unrestricted warfare against men in the USA. They have been shown to have LIED about the so called “gang rape” at the college fraternity. The long history of false claims of racism and rape is well known. It is long past time for the women who make these false claims, as well as the leftist media who supports them, to be held accountable.

As expected, the uber liberal response to this journalistic scandal has not been to criticize Rolling Stone, or the LYING BITCH who started it all with a false accusation, but to whine and complain that women won’t report rape now. This PC crap has to stop. I hope that fraternity sues Rolling Stone for millions in damages. I hope they sue the University for its witch hunt. I hope they sue that lying bitch for perjury and filing a false police report. I hope all the fem nazi lesbian whores are smacked down for all the lies they told. Still, all these women who claim to be raped or whatever, and there have been quite a few cases are never held accountable for their lies. The PC crowd just whines and makes excuses.

Rolling Stone damaged lives. Rolling Stone caused much anguish, costly legal fees and subjected all the men of that fraternity to being thought to be gang rapists. And I say they should be held accountable for all that. Heck, Rolling Stone is not even going to fire the lying journalists involved.
The Campus Police should sue both the woman and Rolling Stone to recover the costs of their investigation. This is two times, Duke and now this one, the men at a university have been falsely accused of rape. And the lying bitches and bastards, along with their supporters need to be held accountable.

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Fraternity in discredited UVA rape story vows legal action against Rolling Stone

Fraternity in discredited UVA rape story vows legal action against Rolling Stone
Published April 06, 2015

Phi Kappa Psi, the fraternity at the center of the discredited Rolling Stone magazine story about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, said Monday it plans to pursue “all available legal action” against the magazine.

“Our fraternity and its members have been defamed,” chapter president Stephen Scipione said in a statement.

The fraternity called the story “reckless,” saying that the article was viewed by millions, led to members being ostracized and there was vandalism of the fraternity house.

Rolling Stone late Sunday formally retracted the discredited story about the alleged rape at Phi Kappa Psi after an independent review dubbed the article a “journalistic failure.”

The review, undertaken by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism at Rolling Stone’s request, produced a 12,000-word report that documented lapses in standard journalistic procedure at every level of the magazine during the reporting and editing of the story.…ed-rape-story/


It is right, proper and just on this Easter Sunday I give my thoughts on my own American government being an accessory to war crimes in the Ukraine. The USA is run by evil people seeking their own power. The USA is all about power, status and money these days. The rot is everywhere. The squalor of all types, moral, physical, cultural and mental is beyond description at this point. I think it was Billy Graham who once said, “God is going to have to apologize to Sodom if he doesn’t deal with the USA soon.” It is the particular conceit of America to believe we will not be held accountable for open support of evil all over the world.

The thing I find so personally disgusting about the Porky the Warmonger regime is this. They are now fully creating an SS and Nazi inspired state in their Western Ukraine sphere of influence. It is now ABSOLUTELY CLEAR the USA, NATO, and the EU are now openly giving military support to a NAZI CLIENT STATE. I define a NAZI CLIENT STATE as one that derives its ideological, cultural and military values from Nazi Germany, circa 1933 to 1945. I have seen, in the videos, the media reports, the public statements of Ukraine’s government clear examples of NAZI IDEOLOGY IN PRACTICE. If you look at what the so called “Ukrainian military” has actually done to the Ethnic Russians in the former Eastern Ukraine, you will see a SYSTEMATIC CAMPAIGN OF WAR CRIMES, GENOCIDE, ETHNIC CLEANSING, MURDER, RAPE AND LOOTING. The last time this happened it was advancing NAZI forces, both SS and Wehrmacht, in 1941 to 1944. The level of barbarism is a stain on the Western World. The fact there has been a conspiracy, yes a conspiracy, of media lies, information suppression, and a deliberate attempt to hide the truth from both the European and American populace leaves but one simple conclusion. THE NAZI IDEOLOGY IS NOW BEING PRACTICED BY EU, NATO AND THE USA IN REGARDS TO PORKY’S ONGOING WAR CRIMES. The list is endless, ranging from unrestricted artillery fire on urban centers, use of banned chemicals in artillery shells, to widespread rape, murder and looting.


THE USA IS GOING TO ANSWER TO WHATEVER SPIRITUAL FORCE YOU BELIEVE IN. You reap what you sow. The USA is going to reap the tears, terror and screams of all the innocents we allowed to be killed by the NAZI SCUM NOW RULING IN KIEV. The fact they openly appointed a NAZI CLONE AS A KEY MILITARY LEADER SEALS THE DEAL.

I would pray for the USA if I didn’t understand the law of reaping and sowing is absolute, shows no mercy, and is ironclad in its execution. We had better learn to like oatmeal in the USA. We have sowed our oats indeed. Jesus said to not hinder the children. Jesus said it would be better to tie a one ton flour grinding stone around your neck and jump into the ocean than to harm one of the little children. So, what do you think is going to happen a USA that is an accessory to mass murder of children in the Eastern Ukraine?

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     The great divide in Islam is between the 85 Percent Sunni Muslims and the 15 percent Shia Muslims. They have been fighting since the late 600 AD period over who should have replaced the Prophet after he died. The Shia wanted it to be a hereditary, family member. The Sunni wanted it to be a political leader or Calif. They have been killing each other for the last 1300 plus years over that.

     Next, in Yemen we have the Shia sect the Houthis, backed by the Shia Iranians. We have the Sunnis, which includes both Al Qaida and the Saudi Royal House. The Sunni sect that controls Saudi Arabia is also a part of Al Qaida, but Al Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula is in Yemen and wants nothing to do with the Royal House of Saud. The Royal House of Saud made a devil’s bargain with the sect, the Wahabi, in the mid 1700s and hasn’t looked back since. And finally, just to confuse things even more, we now have the Sunni group ISIS, which pretty much kills Shia on sight and hates any other group of Sunni Muslims who haven’t pledged support for ISIS and the new Caliphate they just declared.

The list of people killing each other in Yemen is as follows.

The Saudi backed Sunni groups who are killing any Shia they can get their hands on, especially the Iranian Proxy Houthi Tribal militias.
The Iranian backed Houthi militias, who are killing any Sunni they can get their hands on, whether it is ISIS, Saudi Arabian or any of the Sunni nations supporting the Saudi and Egyptian military campaign.

Next, we have the Sunni Al quaida, especially the Al Quaida of the Arabian Peninsula, who are killing any Shia they can, or any Sunni who hasn’t sworn to them, especially any ISIS forces. Unless of course they are a splinter group who supports ISIS and not the Al Qaida, or the Saudi group the Wahabi Sect.

   What we here in the West routinely call “Al Qaida” is a mishmash of competing Sunni groups with differing agendas. Like I said, we have the Royal House of Saud/Wahabi version of Al Qaida. We also have the Al Quida of the Arabian Peninsula version. We have a North African version of Al Qaida, except the Nigerian version of Al Qaida, the Boko Haram group just decided to become part of ISIS. The former Al Qaida of North Africa just split into ISIS supporting factions and Royal House of Saud Wahabi supporting factions. For instance, the group that just attacked in Tunisa, is, as far as I can tell, an ISIS supporting break off of the original Al Qaida group. The group that attacked the Kenyan school, Al Shabab, is a Sunni group linked to the Wahabi Sect in Saudi Arabia. It is now based in Somalia and executes cross border raids into Kenya. The name means “youngsters; more precisely it means “Movement of Striving Youth.” The striving usually involves murdering anybody you think isn’t a good Sunni Muslim.

I hope that helps, blog readers. <G>

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Yemen 101

Yes, we are now in the FIRST PHASE of a SUNNI/SHIA JIHAD. It began with the Shia Militias engaged in war crimes against any Sunni Muslims they found in Tikrit. This led to a fatwah by Iraq’s leading Shia leader to his militias to not do that. This was followed by the Sunni attack in Yemen that killed 140 Shia. This is what led to the general Houthi/Shia offensive south. And that led to the leader fleeing by boat, which in turn led to the Sunni Ten air campaign. And that has led to the Houthi placing offensive missiles on the islands which threatens the Suez Canal entrances. And that<G> will eventually lead to US Marines storming the islands! GOT ALL THAT<g>

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One of my personal historical theories is events and actions reach a tipping point from which recovery is no longer possible. This “critical mass” has now been reached in Yemen in my opinion. Yemen has gone from a “problem over there,” to a “crisis with global threat.” The open deployment of offensive missile batteries on the islands dividing the entrance strait to the Red Sea by the Houthi militias seals the deal. The bombing of those islands by the Sunni “alliance,” now guarantees a Sunni/Shia JIHAD. Further, the news story of the “message” sent by Iran’s leader to the Shia leader of Iraq is very, very disturbing. I’m thinking Iran is asking for transit permission for its Revolutionary Guard divisions. Kuwait, one of the Sunni Ten as I am calling them, is within easy striking distance from the Shia bastion in Basra, Southern Iraq.

Well, we are now at the next level, gang. IF anybody had any doubt the Iranian backed Shia Houthi tribal militias were going to be a threat to GLOBAL SHIP TRANSIT LANES FROM THE SUEZ CANAL THE ISSUE IS NOW SETTLED.

The bombing of the islands now under Shia Houthi control takes us to the point missile fire is going to be launched in response to the airstrikes. I seriously doubt the Houthi missile crews are going to sit there and take being bombed. Further, it is clear, to me at least, the Houthis have a VAST STOCKPILE OF ALL TYPES OF MISSILES FOR USE. The so called Saudi Air Campaign has proved for the 400th time YOU CAN’T DESTROY A MILITARY WITH AIR STRIKES ALONE. You can certainly hinder their movement on roads etc, but you can’t really get at their underground/tunnel/bunker complexes. The US created the bunker busters and even they can’t do the trick unless you have precision info on tunnel entrances.

The fact a Saudi border post came under direct fire by the Houthi INSIDE, REPEAT INSIDE OF YEMEN, also tells me that damn fool of a Sunni Royal moron has now triggered a Houthi military offensive inside of Saudi Arabia.

I see no way for the US and NATO to not get involved in clearing those islands of offensive missile batteries. Further, I am thinking the civilian ship captains, along with the shipping companies, the ship insurers may very well execute a defacto emergency stop transit order within the next 24 to 72 hours. Heck, the Houthis could throw rocks at the ships from those islands.

The “collapse” of the Iranian nuclear talks tells me Iran made a bunch of demands that caught Obama et al flatfooted.

The Battle of Aden is about to begin for real. It will be urban combat on a grand scale. It will prove yet again exactly why urban combat is the worst kind possible. It will be street to street, against combat veteran, entrenched Houthi militia who are not shy about committing martyrdom operations.

Yep, the Russians have a proverb that goes: “The more you stir a compost pile the more it stinks.” It should be obvious to everybody by now the “Sunni alliance” has now fully triggered a SHIA JIHAD in Yemen.

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The following is from Bloomberg Press.
Yemeni Rebels Strengthen Positions in Strait, Djibouti Says

by Paul Richardson
6:11 AM PDT
April 2, 2015

Houthi rebels in Yemen have strengthened their positions on two islands in the strait of Bab el-Mandeb, deploying weapons that may put commercial and military vessels at risk, Djibouti’s foreign minister said.

The fighters have placed missiles, long-range cannons and “small rapid boats” loaded with heavy weaponry on Perim, the island that divides the strait into two channels between Djibouti and Yemen, Mahmoud Ali Youssouf said in an interview Thursday in Djibouti City. The Houthis are also reinforcing their positions on a smaller island in the area, he said.

“They are preparing themselves, at least to defend themselves if there is a blockade, or to attack vessels in the strait of Bab el-Mandeb if they feel that they are threatened when it comes to the control of the coastal areas of Yemen,” Youssouf said. “The prospect of a war in the strait of Bab al-Mandeb is a real one.”

The Bab el-Mandeb is the fourth-busiest oil and fuel shipping bottleneck in the world by volume. It’s located between Yemen, Djibouti and Eritrea, and gives crude tankers access to the Red Sea as well as the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. The strait is 18 miles wide at its narrowest point, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Saudi Arabia has assembled a coalition of Sunni Muslim countries to carry out airstrikes against the Houthis, who have seized much of the country and forced President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi to flee to Riyadh, the Saudi capital. The rebels have formed an alliance with former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who still commands the loyalty of parts of the army.
Safe Passage

Youssouf said coalition forces must remove the weapons from the islands in order to ensure the safe passage of ships through the strait. In 2013, 3.8 million barrels a day of crude and oil products flowed through Bab el-Mandeb, EIA data show. More than half of the shipments moved to the Suez Canal and SUMED Pipeline, which link Egypt’s ports of Ain Sukhna on the Red Sea and Sidi Kerir on the Mediterranean.

“All commercial and military vessels that pass through the strait of Bab el-Mandeb are within the reach of those arms and missiles,” Youssouf said. “It’s a big danger, for all of us not only Djibouti, but all the commercial vessels, military vessels.”

Coalition forces carried out three air strikes on Perim on Thursday night, said Mahmoud Naji, a soldier at the military Brigade No. 17 station in Bab el-Mandeb city. The air force jets also targeted other strategic military posts controlled by Houthis in the region, he said by phone.
Thousands Evacuated

Closure of the waterway may keep tankers from the Persian Gulf from reaching the Suez Canal and the SUMED Pipeline, diverting them around the southern tip of Africa, adding to transit time and cost, according to the EIA. Ships carrying oil from Europe and North Africa to Asian markets wouldn’t be able to take the most direct route, it said on its website.

Djibouti has been helping evacuate thousands of foreign nationals stranded in Yemen since conflict in the country intensified last month. Chinese and Indian civilians along with Russian diplomats are among those who have arrived by air and by sea, Youssouf said. As many as 2,000 Djiboutian nationals are being returned to their homeland, he said.

Any further deterioration in the situation in Yemen may lead to an “exodus” of Yemenis to Djibouti, particularly if the blockade of Yemeni ports by coalition forces leads to food, energy and water shortages, Youssouf said. About 50 families have already arrived in northern Djibouti and are being accommodated in the northeastern town of Obock, he said.

Djibouti, a desert country which imports most of its food and has a scarcity of water, has little capacity to deal with a refugee crisis, Youssouf said.

“We’re just trying to do what we can with what we have,” he said. “At some point, we might have to call the international community to come and assist.”