Yemen 101

Yes, we are now in the FIRST PHASE of a SUNNI/SHIA JIHAD. It began with the Shia Militias engaged in war crimes against any Sunni Muslims they found in Tikrit. This led to a fatwah by Iraq’s leading Shia leader to his militias to not do that. This was followed by the Sunni attack in Yemen that killed 140 Shia. This is what led to the general Houthi/Shia offensive south. And that led to the leader fleeing by boat, which in turn led to the Sunni Ten air campaign. And that has led to the Houthi placing offensive missiles on the islands which threatens the Suez Canal entrances. And that<G> will eventually lead to US Marines storming the islands! GOT ALL THAT<g>

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  1. Doomer Doug, I am certain there are a lot of readers watching this situation attentively. Myself, well, I ‘m waiting for your next post informing all of us that this Yemen issue has gone beyond a lit fuse to full detonation, turning then into a complete conflagration of the entire Middle East. Can’t say that I’m looking forward to your next post.


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