And so it has begun, just as Doomer Doug predicted over two months ago. I said on January 21st over at Iran was making the first moves in a long planned policy to directly take on the Sunni Muslims. This has now started and it will be a general, full scale regional war covering the Middle East in Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Syria. The Sunni and Shia Muslims have been fighting each other since 650, yes 650 AD. I will also bluntly advise you of two things. The first is Iran is going to allow its Houthi proxies to kick the crap out of any Sunni military forces now part of this Sunni invasion of Yemen. And I have to tell you, the combat performance of these lean, mean, tribal, desert warriors compared to the Saudi, Egyptian and “other” forces is going to be seriously lethal compared to what amounts to garrison troops. The second thing is we are now dealing with a SUNNI/SHIA MUSLIM RELIGIOUS WAR. The corporate whore media is saying this and that about Yemen. They have no idea what they are talking about in my opinion. This is JIHAD in Yemen and nothing less and I have to say these punk, elite “experts” don’t have a clue about true desert warriors like the Houthi. If you want to understand what these pampered Saudi and Egyptian troops are going to facing take a look at the Bedouin warriors in David Lean’s movie. I actually saw one of these clowns talking about how the air strikes are going to “degrade” the Houthi. I mean these morons actually believe this drivel. They actually believe you can pound desert warriors to pieces if they don’t want to be found.

Yep, everybody, including the USA under Obama, is going to mix it up for the simple reason Iran is going to take the gloves off. The news media is reporting this is about Yemen. It is not. It is about the over 1300 year long battle between Shia and Sunni Muslims. If you want to understand that, well then think back to Serbia/Kosovo and the fact that was all about a battle that happened in 1300, a mere 700 years ago. I am telling you the Sunni forces have no idea, absolutely no idea, the fecal storm they have stirred up.

One: The so called “Yemen War,” is going to explode into Eastern Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Iraq and Syria within 72 hours from now. You may rest assured that ALL IRANIAN SHIA FORCES are going to attack any Sunni forces anywhere and anytime they can. I fully expect mass riots/demonstrations in Bahrain within 24 to 48 hours. Further, I am telling you Saudi Arabia is going to light up like a Christmas tree.

Two. The Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz are now FULLY IN PLAY. We may very well see a tanker war start within the next 48 hours also.

Three. Iran now has nothing at all to lose in Yemen. Iran has every reason to plunge Yemen, Saudi Arabia, The Gulf States into as much chaos as it possibly can. Yep, nobody is going to hold back now at all.

The Neo-Con warmongers like McCain et al have got their much desired Middle Eastern War. It will be very interesting to see if Putin exploits the chaos and goes after the Ukraine. We are now looking at a “wall of war,” from the Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and now down to Yemen.

As reported first thing today, while the initial phase of the military campaign against Yemen has been taking place for the past 18 hours and been exclusively one of airborne assaults by forces of the “Decisive Storm” coalition, Saudi hinted at what is coming next following reports that it had built up a massive 150,000 troop deployment on the border with Yemen.

And as expected, moments ago AP reported that Egyptian military and security officials told The Associated Press that the military intervention will go further, with a ground assault into Yemen by Egyptian, Saudi and other forces, planned once airstrikes have weakened the capabilities of the rebels.

Will this invasion mean that Yemen as we know it will no longer exist and become annexed by Saudi Arabia? According to coalition military sources, the answer is no, but that remains to be seen:

Three Egyptian military and security officials told The Associated Press that a coalition of countries led by Egypt and Saudi Arabia will conduct a ground invasion into Yemen once the airstrikes have sufficiently diminished the Houthis and Saleh’s forces. They said the assault will be by ground from Saudi Arabia and by landings on Yemen’s Red and Arabian Sea coasts.

The aim is not to occupy Yemen but to weaken the Houthis and their allies until they enter negotiations for power-sharing, the officials said.

They said three to five Egyptian troop carriers are stationed off Yemen’s coasts. They would not specify the numbers of troops or when the operation would begin. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the plans with the press.

Egypt’s leadership role in the next stage of the campaign has come as somewhat of a surprise to observers. Egypt’s presidency said in a statement Thursday that its naval and air forces were participating in the coalition campaign already. Egypt is “prepared for participation with naval, air and ground forces if necessary,” Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri said at a gathering of Arab foreign ministers preparing for a weekend Arab summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

This may be just the beginning:

The Arab Summit starting Saturday is expected to approve the creation of a new joint Arab military force to intervene in regional crises. The Egyptian security and military officials said the force is planned to include some 40,000 men backed by jet fighters, warships and light armor. Hadi is expected to attend the summit.

The locals do not sound much enthused about the prospect of allowing foreign troops to enter their country uncontested, and as AP notes, support for the Houthis is far from universal in Yemen – but foreign intervention risks bringing a backlash.

On Thursday, thousands gathered outside Sanaa’s old city in the Houthi-organized protest, chanting against Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Khaled al-Madani, a Houthi activist, told the crowd that “God was on the side of Yemen.” He blasted Saudi Arabia saying it is “buying mercenaries with money to attack Yemen. But Yemen will, God willing, will be their tomb.”

Anger against the strikes was already brewing – particularly after airstrikes targeting an air base near Sanaa’s airport flattening half a dozen homes in an impoverished neighborhood and killing at least 18 civilians, according to the health ministry.

For now Yemeni anger is focused on Saudi Arabia:

TV stations affiliated with the rebels and Saleh showed the aftermath of the strikes Thursday. Yemen Today, a TV station affiliated with Saleh, showed hundreds of residents congregating around the rubbles, some chanting “Death to Al-Saud”, in reference to the kingdom’s royal family. The civilians were sifting through the rubble, pulling out mattresses, bricks and shrapnel.

Ahmed al-Sumaini said an entire alley close to the airport was wiped out in the strikes overnight. He said people ran out from their homes in the middle of the night, many jolted out of bed to run into the streets. “These people have nothing to do with the Houthis or with Hadi. This is destructive. These random acts will push people toward Houthis,” he said, as he waved shrapnel from the strikes.

Strikes also hit in the southern province Lahj and the stronghold of Houthis in the northern Saada province. In Sanaa, they also hit the camp of U.S.-trained Yemeni special forces, which is controlled by generals loyal to Saleh, and a missile base held by the Houthis.

But that will soon change, as it is a virtual certainty that the US will intervene at a point in the near future, with its own military assets. So while we await to see just where US troops make landfall, here is the most updated map showing the locations of US naval assets around the globe in general, and in proximity to Yemen in particular. Keep a very close eye on the LHD-7 Iwo Jima amphibious assault ship (which carries some 2,000 marines of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit), currently located just off the coast of Yemen.

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