I have been commenting on Iran’s takeover of Yemen for quite some time. The Mosque Massacre is nothing new in the centuries long war between Shia and Sunni Muslims. It does open another war front in Yemen that will be fully exploited by Iran. We can be sure of that. Iran is clearly making the final moves in its long planned end game. Iran is now fully deployed into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. It is also making some moves into South America nobody has said much about.

Here are the links to the two threads over at timebomb2000 along with my comments.

I have been discussing Iranian power moves in Yemen on the other thread for some time now. Here is why this current attack happened.

Several days ago an “ISIS leader” made a very hostile statement regarding the Shia in Yemen and exhorting the Sunni to attack them. This is the result. In addition, it is Iranian Shia Militias that are currently KICKING THE LIVING FECAL MATERIAL OUT OF ISIS TROOPS IN TIKRIT AND IRAQ. This Yemen attack is also in response to this ongoing butt kicking in Iraq. ISIS is both showing its vigor and weakness by using suicide attacks in Yemen. Suicide attacks are, at least to me by definition, an indication you don’t have robust combat abilities.

Now here is what is going to happen as a result of this open attack by ISIS/Sunni on the Shia in Yemen.

One: Iran has full operational combat ability in Yemen with the Houthi Militia. The Shia Militias are now going to be turned loose, lock and loaded, shoot on sight and KILL ANY SUNNI THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON. Ergo, if there are more of these “we don’t want the Shia” demonstrations, they will be machine gunned into puddles of blood.
Third: The fool of a former President, the one the USA likes, is going to be hunted down and executed by everybody else because he attacked that air base in Aden. Or had his guy attack that airbase, or whatever. It is really hard to tell who is attacking whom, for what reason, and especially what the results will be in a place like Yemen. I have to admit there have been times I felt like just rolling some marbles and predicting what would happen that way.

Yemen is now fully in Play, gang. Iran is going to pour in even more Revolutionary Guards, more piles and piles of military supply to make sure its Proxy, the Houthi, Shia tribal militia have everything they need for a true war of Sunni extermination in Yemen. If you keep track of things, like I do, you will remember the tiny statement Iran would “resume” air freighter and passenger service from Iran to Yemen recently. Well, they are bringing in a minimum of one cargo plane full of Revolutionary Guard troops or military supplies per day. The Houthi certainly have the firepower to butcher every single Sunni now living in the areas of Yemen they don’t currently control. It is now genocide time in Yemen.

Yemen is now in play as viewed in the context of Iraq being overwhelmed by Iranian Shia Militias, Syria becoming western Iran, Southern Lebanon with Hezzbollah, and now Yemen. If you throw in Israel’s election, all the right parts are now coming together for a regional war similar to the 1973s Yom Kippur. This was the one I was in the US Army during.

We are on the verge of a total Iranian combat deployment designed to take over the Middle East from Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq to Iran. Iran is no longer screwing around. The massacre of 140 plus Shia at the Mosque by ISIS is going to unleash the Houthi militias in the kind of Sunni slaughtering bloodbaths in Yemen we have seen in Iraq.

I will also note the many credible reports of IRANIAN SHIA MILITIAS KILLING SUNNIS, OR DAMAGING THEIR PROPERTY, IN THE SO CALLED “LIBERATION” OF TIKRIT IN IRAQ. The Sunni in Iraq are now trapped between the ISIS thugs, Shia Militias looking to kill them, or the Kurds. The Central government of Iraq is now fully Shia and looking to kick all the Sunni out of Iraq they can. Yep, we sure won that war now didn’t we?

The Middle East is all about religion and it always has been. We are going to see a Shia/Iran JIHAD IN YEMEN. IT WILL END WHEN THE OTHER 40 PERCENT OF THE NON SHIA POPULATION ARE NO LONGER A FACTOR IN YEMEN.

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