Doomer Doug does not believe in what is called the “big person” type of history. This style of historical analysis concentrates on Napoleon and ignores what the French people were doing between 1790 and 1815. I believe today, February 10th, 2015 will be long remembered as the date the US Empire entered the final collapse phase. I will add this is not the final collapse; it is “the end of the beginning,” to quote Winston.

This link describes a date, like 476 AD for Rome, future historians will use when talking about the “end of the American Republic.” I think the mere fact Iran has taken down a global superpower, kicked it out of a key Middle Eastern country; then taken over that country says it all. The USA, much less our Marxist Cretin in Chief Obama, should have no illusions of US power at this point. Doomer Doug looks in all directions and sees an United States in free fall on so many levels.

Here is what I will now openly call ‘THE LOSS OF YEMEN,” means in real terms.

One: Iran now has FULL OPERATIONAL CONTROL OF YEMEN’S NORTH AND CENTRAL AREAS. We may now see a raging civil war break out between the Sunni Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Shia Iranian proxy force The Houthi Tribesmen. The USA will be completely unable to do anything in terms of drone strikes related to either group. It is a fact the Paris attack was plotted in Yemen by Al Qaeda. We may now safely assume unrestricted attacks from Southern Yemen. Yemen will turn into a failed state. We may also safely assume the Houthi may ignore Southern Yemen and use the Sunni to unleash on the infidels. The Houthi may ignore all this Sunni stuff, openly attack them, or reach an understanding with the local Sunni to kill Jews and Infidels.

Two: Iran can now use Yemen as a forward military base to harass Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Iran can  make it clear it can seal both the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz at the same time. The military, economic and political implications of that are profound.

Three: Iran is clearly in the mood to restore the ancient, pre-Islamic Persian Empire. Egypt is now also clearly attempting to restore the ancient Egyptian Empire circa 1500 BC. In fact, we also have Turkey attempting to restore the Ottoman Empire finally crushed in 1918. The blunt truth is the USA is now entering senility at precisely the point we have a minimum of three nations attempting to take full Islamic control of the Middle East.

Four: Israel, well Israel is going to have to use its 200 nukes just to keep clinging to the edge of the cliff.

At any rate, today is historic in my opinion. History also shows us it may take decades before people realize what really happened on February 10th, 2015. It is not Vietnam we are talking about here. The USA just lost control of the Suez Canal. When, not if, Iran seals it, or at least threatens to seal it, all ships will have to divert around Africa. The Med will be worthless. Russia will control the Suez Canal from the North. Iran will control it from the South. Russia will likely make advances to Egypt and isolate Israel completely, except for the Straits of Gibraltar. Iran and Russia are going to play the “good cop/bad cop” game to perfection in my opinion. While the West is now obsessed with arming the Ukraine, they have failed to notice Russia and Iran just took control of the Black Sea, the Med, and the Red Sea. This is not bad for an “isolated Putin,” and a “rogue regime” like Iran.

Yep, it will take some, not much, time for the clueless West to understand what has just happened. We should remember the reason Christopher Columbus found America was he was looking for India. The reason he was looking for India was Islam had all but sealed off the shipping routes to both India and China. We aren’t quite there, yet, but Iran and Russia have just offered a very good down payment on kicking the USA out of the Middle East. I keep thinking there is a point where the stupidity and arrogance of Kerry and Obama will reach their conclusion. Unfortunately, the level of blind, raging stupidity in what passes for a foreign policy under Obama keeps rising.

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The Coup Is Complete: US Embassy In Yemen Shutting Down, Ambassador To Leave By Wednesday

Tyler Durden's picture

Another US-friendly regime has folded completely, and after bumbling US foreign intervention in Libya and Egypt made the countries into terrorist breeding grounds where Americans are kidnapped on sight or worse, it is now Yemen’s turn: another country in the Middle East whose president until recently was backed by the US government, and which will now be nothing more than civilian casualty fodder for remote-controlled US drones.


For those Americans who are still on location, fear not: you are in good hands:


And now it’s time for Obama to discuss just how “isolated” Putin really is.

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