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I have come to the conclusion, in my sixty-one years of life, the leadership classes, in business, politics, media, education, are clinical psychopaths/sociopaths. I define the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath as this. The clinical sociopath has an on/off switch, much like a light switch in your wall. The clinical psychopath has no such switch and, in the terms Criminal Minds uses is devolved into chaos. Clinical psychopaths do not/will not last in public society for long because they can’t cover up their insanity. The reason sociopaths do so well is they can cover up their actions and deceive, manipulate, and use other people.

I will also tell my blog readers I have personal experience with a clinical psychopath. His name is Sebastian Shaw. He is serving 3 life sentences for three murders. He is also serving over 100 additional years for the one victim who survived the attack, and has been named the “prime suspect” in the murder of a fourteen year old girl in California. He is now in Salem, Oregon where he will rot until he dies. I will tell you plainly, although I suspected he was “off,” I had no idea the violence he was capable of. I assure you, that if you ever work with a clinical psychopath, you may very well have no idea of what you are dealing with until it is too late.

The reason things are the way they are, right now on planet Earth, is the “system” is geared to rewarding Sociopathic behavior beneficial only to the ruling class. If you reward certain types of behavior, you will get that kind of behavior. If you take a hard, sober-minded look at what is actually going on right now; by that I mean the types of behavior engaged in by the powers that be, you will come to the conclusion the world has gone mad. The reason the world has gone mad is simple; the global elite is making decisions that are clinically insane. It is only by viewing what “they” are doing, and not what “they” are saying, you realize just how much behavior now going on is “bonkers.” The things “they” are now doing are not sustainable, not rational, and will not endure. “They” are milking the system, looting and pillaging as if there is no future BECAUSE TO THE CLINICAL SOCIOPATHS RULING OUR PLANET THERE REALLY IS NO FUTURE.

We are now led by a global elite in the same mindset as the SS officers in late April of 1945 in Berlin. They are very much in the “let the people die with the elite,” mindset. It is a fact Adolph Hitler gave orders, fortunately ignored, for the Berlin subway system to be flooded in a final “end of the Third Reich” orgy of death. If that order had been obeyed, up to 5 million Berliners would have been killed. I am telling you this is what “they” have planned for “us.”

The link below is a good description of what I am talking about. My only difference is I think he confuses psychopathic behavior with sociopathic behavior. Obama et al are not psychopaths in the clinical meaning of the word, like Manson for instance. Obama is a sociopath in my opinion. True psychopaths, like Stalin, or Hitler, or Pol Pot in Cambodia are few and far between, don’t last very long, with the exception of Stalin, and go down in blood and fire in a spectacular fashion.


Here are a few selected parts of it.

You see, most of us “normal people” are able to contain our dark sides; being more ‘good’ than we are ‘bad’. Then there is another group of people who are generally more bad than good, yet not totally evil either. Those are the people we talk about as, “He’s a real such and such, but he does have a good side to him.” These types can still be salvaged, or at least contained.

Then there is the true psychopath; a heartless, soulless, shameless devil who will smile in your face, charm you and flatter you as he (or she) sticks the knife in your back. He is often charismatic, likable and energetic. He lies effortlessly. He will draw anyone into his orbit that can serve to further his ambitions, or fuel his ego with “narcissistic supply”. He manipulates. He cheats. He sucks the lifeblood out of you and then, when you are no longer of any value to him, he will discard you like a used up lemon.

To achieve his nefarious ends, the narcissistic psychopath will play every emotional card in his manipulative arsenal; alternating between outbursts of anger and verbal abuse, empty flattery, fake sympathy for others, false pity for himself, fake smiling or laughing, fake crying, fake humility, false charity and fake piety.


Now a single psychopath in a position of power is bad enough, but when they federate together, the exponential evil can secretly overwhelm entire nations. After all, what is a conspiracy but a group of psychopaths coming together to do evil. Indeed, conspiratorial activity is standard operating  procedure for The League of Unjust Psychopaths currently misruling the West.

In his excellent piece, Why Elites And Psychopaths Are Useless To Society, Brandon Smith explains:

“The problem is humanity is not only hardwired with a dark side; we are also hardwired with a conscience — at least, most of us are. All people are born with a shared moral compass that is often expressed in various religious works throughout the ages. It is a universal voice, or guide, that we can choose to listen to or to ignore. Organized psychopaths have struggled with the existence of this inborn compass for centuries.

You see, our consciences pose a threat to The League of Unjust Psychopaths. So it’s not enough for them to rise to the top an to do evil; they must also corrupt the people, especially the children. A degenerate public will never rise up in righteous indignation against their evil oppressors. How can they if they can no longer even define evil, let alone recognize it? The day will come when the psychopaths become the majority of the public.

Samuel Adams summed it best:  “it is always observable,  that those who are combined to destroy the People’s Liberties, practice every Art to poison their Morals.” 

America, we have an infestation problem! 


  1. Not bad. You are of course quite correct. . If you have an awareness of the actual conditions on Mars, now you know what the synagogue of satan have plannned for earth Inc. The Druidic council of 13 that run the planet are those such as the right hand of satan himself. This is The Pindar. meaning…penis of the dragon.And he is the CEO of Earth Inc. He is Baron Guy De Rothschild. Others as the heads of these families are those for example such as Petrus Romanus. The Jesuit & international postman. pope and great liar who issues all crowns to all royalty of the planet. They all answer to him.

    The hub of the global economy of course is Hawaii. Upon the claim of their astronaut & his verbal claim…Oh look. I see a vessel in a sea of space. Which claimed the planet for their own. One must comprehend beyond thePhD level of english grammar, since the world functions at about a grade 2 level. Actually the means to facilitate the mark of the beast biometric authentication system, will be the implementation of their “solution” to the cascading economic collapse they have already begun. The Fed after all is buying it’s own paper. The US will slowly collapse until the world accepts their solution. As of this writing, oil is on it’s way down until the Arab confederation is eating itself alive to keep up their income.

    It is the oil the Arabs get, which will stop once they have overproduced the very abiotic nature of it within the pool they do have access to. This pool is actually the overflow, which in reality comes from Israel. It’s in the shape of a hook to draw nations to war. It contains 27.3 trillion barrels of oil. With greatest access at the N E corner of the dead sea. All the Jews are being sent once again back to Israel by the tool used by the globalists, which is the muslim false religion. Mohammed of course in currently in hell, in the center of the planet in the spirit.

    Either the mid east will be brought to the edge of war,, or there will be a limited war by the Muslim confederate nations, which do attack, in which case this will kill all the Jews that are being forced to migrate there, to get killed….about 3/4 of them. In the end of this phase, there will eventually be a mass migration back to Israel for the economic development of the oil that is there.

    Pay attention to the straits of Hormuz. Once it’s mined, Lloyds of London will not insure the tankers, and all the western systems of Just-in-time delivery systems of food being trucked into all the grocery chains, will dry up.

    There is also the matter of the two major plagues now already “in the oven” if you will. These are the swine flu, and the bird flu, which will kill millions of people. How many people are prepared ? Well, just the physical needs are to live in a small well defendable community, all sharing their own skills and self sustainable, away from the coming mark of the beast system. Also able to (until one leaves for a place like that), to self quarentine, with enough food for at least a year. Basic needs stocked up like a fuel source, for heat and light. All off grid of course. In the end it will all come down to one’s spiritual preparation, since you can only survive for a limited time on stock.

    Perhaps a microfit solar or DIY kit for solar & wind generation using hydrogen for storage in a closed loop system with well water, and hydroponics for fish & veg. You can use black magnitite sands to improve speed & size of growth some ten fold over organic. All this is temporary since Agenda 21 will force you by regulation to starve to death and accept their GMO crops that will survive the geoengineering, which as it destroys the feeder root system, will be the only food to grow, and be used in industrial scale farming.

    All this in order to alter the DNA of survivors of the rioting. because there will be children in the USA that will die of starvation. There will be cannabalism.

    For food, people will flock to the death camps. Already there are sleper cells of Muslims in the USA waiting for their time to detonate the micro nukes in places like two in California, in Texas, in Florida, in Chicago, and of course in New York city.

    It is the dividing of the land of Israel that we can also focus on. Obama wants to be the one to ratify the false peace treaty to divide the land for peace. Unless those that pray for him pull him out of his dual personality to come to pray in tongues and lose his liberal supporters that keep him as a seat warming sock puppet. Right now he’s like a Nero personality, with the DNA of the Pharo Akhenaton. All the underground cities are loaded with clones growing into supersoldiers, while longer telemeres are given to the demonic inbred of the synagogue of Satan.

    The replacement for all business contract language will be quantum parse syntax grammar math interface. Foe example, once a few very large mortgage companies had their contracts syntaxed,, the USA experienced the collapse of the mortgage industry in 2008.

    Once the ark of the covenant is revealed as God’s testimony of his son Yeshua, there will be an enforcement of the mark of the beast system. It is the abomination that will desolate Israel of Jews, that begins the count down. This also guartantees the collapse of the salt dome of the gulf which shut down in May 2010, and once the tsunami is initiated by the collapse of the island volcano hits the ocean, will bring the flood and 50 mile wide river all the way to the great lakes.

    This will also release a lot more nuclear radiation since several generating facilities are on fault lines effected by this event. This could also be triggered by the hydrofracking that has been weakening the supporting land mass.

    Have a look at my own obscure blog if you would like to see a somewhat different perspective on the many devices of the synagogue of satan. See: http://www.authorthat.wordpress.com I call it….The Blogathon Philabuster. Because the witness to evil must not remain silent.

    Lots and lots to discover.


    1. My God. Talk about an ego running amok. Honey, you need more than a superficial reading of the Bible before pretending to know the stuff you obviously do not know. Please do people a favor & study to show yourself approved.


  2. Why things are the way they are, has a great deal more to do with all that was predestined from the foundations of the world. The children of darkness, the children of the world which will or will not be saved, and the children of the light, who could actually also lose their eternal life as it isn’t a matter of once saved always saved.

    The greatest obstacle to fellowship with the creator of all existence, is the corrupted religious systems & denominations. Their very existence deny’s the power of God to supernaturally bring about the plan of salvation. There is one set of commandments for all. One law. Israel is the object lesson for mankind. How we deal with it.

    Creation itself is divided into the physical / energetic of five dimensions, and the seven spiritual dimensions, which are it’s foundation. The black hole in the center of each galaxy is 2.5 percent of it’s of mass. It streams superlight omnidirectionally at ten times the speed of light. There are many names for it, like dark mater or zero point energy etc.

    As creation was spoken into existence by God, we refer to this as frequency. The fallen are masters of matter and frequency. The greatest weapon is not the power to evaporate a person at 11 million degrees, or the micro nukes that turned the people in the twin towers instantly into dust

    HAARP & the global electronic cage uses geoenergetics to control weathr & geology, bioenergetics to control health by overloading the immune system to cause disease or release a scalar bomb to instantly cure everyone in any given region, (which they would not do), and psycoenergetics to control emotion and thought.
    My friend Dr Mike Castle discovered the welsbach seeding. The foremost expert of the global aerosols is .Cliff Carnicom. the statd purpose is C 3 Communications.

    The council beyond time will never permit mankind to expand into the other civilizations as has alredy begun, without first reaching the fellowship with God, and the spiritual development to reach this, as this is the last days of physical corruptibility. We have been isolated for 3 beginnings and destructions of civilization. America is the last attempt to recreate the Atlantis of the last age. It will net be successful for them. Going into the underground is a one way ticket. Being former military intelligence, I have been underground myself.

    Having taken the mark, they will be entombed in these and be unable to die. .They will be tortured and wish they could die yet death will flee them. Those who say they are Jews yet are not, will be forced to acknowledge that God loved his children. No technology or advanced knowledge will save them to build a world without the light of God in every person.

    The return of Nemisis has already been showing it’s effects by action at a distance, while the magnetic north has moved about 40 miles this past year. The reversal with take 45 days, and place Canada where the USA is, but with a twist, and as it is on approach below the eclyptic of earth, will burn one third of all that is green, poison the water, bring volacnos and earthquakes, and all manner of destruction.as most who study this already know.

    The best open source for this is Prof James McCanney. Beyond this, you can also gain a great deal of insight by studying the witness of Ephraim, Dr Bill Deagle, and going further than this, by placing yourself under the direction and teachings of the prophet Elijah who is quite alive and well, and already has his ten prophets of Zachariah 8:23. I know these men, and the first fruits of the 14,000, for I am one such prson, called by the spirit from the foundation of the world, to find my destiny. To shema. To hear and do the will of the father. To gather the ten lost tribes once gain, as in the time of Moses and the last flyby of Nemisis the death star.

    Full circle;. Want to live for a thousand years by getting the sin out of your life and keeping Torah, then shoot me an email. equalizer777@hotmail.com


  3. Hi Doug, I am a psychologist who practiced in NYC and Sedona, AZ from the early 80’s until I came home to take care of my Mom in the late 90’s. I think your understanding of our leadership is an important step to changing it. Until the American population can learn to vote for substance as opposed to charisma, we are going to have the same prototype of leadership. A great example: In 2016 there will be a low-key brilliant neurosurgeon who fits the founding fathers description of a leader for America perfectly. He is Dr. Ben Carson. But, he cannot win. He is not charismatic (psychopathic/sociopathic) enough to appeal to the unhealthy ego of the voter. I don’t know who will win but you can bet it will be someone who can make the speech of all speeches, but will probably not have the substance to back up his talk. It is truly a sorry state of affairs that our IQ has gotten so low that we just want to be entertained and given a free ride that destroys our freedom.

    I think you have the ability to help the masses to understand what they are doing but your first sentence was so poorly constructed that most people would be lost before reaching sentence 2. May I suggest a quick grammar refresher so that you might be prepared to fulfill your calling. I believe that you have one.


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