I have written several times one of the key tactics, historical, well documented tactics, Marxists use is to create discord, and social anarchy, based on class and race baiting. Our Marxist cretin in chief, Obama, along with his lackeys: Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and my personal favorite,  Mr. race baiting, kill all whites Nation of Islam leader “Calypso Louie,”  have now created what I am calling the Obamafata. Rush Limbaugh came up with Calypso Louie, by the way.

If you don’t understand we are dealing with the Marxist definition of an “Infantata,” you don’t understand what Ferguson, New York City “black justice” demonstrations were all about. The “hands up, don’t shoot,” movement isn’t going away; it will increase in number of incidents, the violence of incidents, and the planned disruption of daily life in this here corporate oligarchy called the USA circa 2015. If you were under the illusion you can go back to watching your World Wide Wrestling Matches on your 55 inch HD Television, well Doomer Doug hates to shake and rattle your consumer utopia. We are now facing in the USA what Israel faced with the so called Palestinian “Infantata.” DOOMER DOUG THINKS HE WILL CALL THE DOMESTIC US VERSION OF THIS THE OBAMAFATA. The OBAMAFATA is the sustained, ongoing Marxist campaign, led by Obama in person, among other “black leaders,” to destroy the “white oppressive system,” “create racial justice,’ and use a campaign of violence, intimidation, and bullying  to do it. It is here now, and will continue to get worse as the weather improves.

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We can be absolutely certain the whore media, the PC crowd, et al will follow the usual policy of denying this is a TERROR ATTACK AND HATE CRIME. Yep, just ask yourself the Doomer Doug question: What would the “system/media/PC response be if a large group of white people had surrounded a car with several black people in it, opened the door, and SUMMARILY EXECUTED ONE OF THE INNOCENT BLACKS IN THE CAR? Gee, mainstream, national/international coverage about “white racism” etc.


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Black males execute random white college student in St. Louis, MO

Bobby Christman, was slaughtered in front of a downtown St. Louis museum. Black males shot him at random.

Three black males surrounded a carload of white people in Downtown St. Louis. One of them opened the car door and shot Bobby Christman in the head. He died shortly after. Then one of the perps engaged in a gun battle with police.

The St. Louis media is desperately trying to downplay the terrorist attack as “a botched robbery attempt.”

Bobby Christman, a 19-year-old college student, was shot in the head while sitting in the front passenger seat of the car. Two other people were in the car. A 17-year-old white male and a 19-year-old white female.

St. Louis was the scene of a gruesome racially motivated lynching murder on November 30th. Zemir Begic was attacked by a group of black teenagers who were yelling “kill the white people.” They smashed his face in with a hammer, killing him.

Then, just three days later, a group of black males stormed a bar full of older white patrons. The bar had a reputation for being a hangout for current and retired police. A elderly white female was shot in the head execution style and killed. Then the perps shot and wounded several other white victims.

Some of the recent Black on White murders in Missouri (St. Louis murders are in bold). As you can see, the victims of random black on white hate crimes are really piling up.

12/28/14 – Nicholas R. Preuitt, 28, was shot and killed by a black male in a parking garage in Kansas City, MO.

12/2/14 – Diana Lawrence, 63, was shot execution style by three black males in a bar. St. Louis, MO. They also wounded three other white victims. Suspects have been charged.

11/30/14 – Zemir Begic, 32, was killed in by a group of black males wielding hammers and yelling “kill the white people.” St. Louis, MO. The same perps also attacked others.

10/31/14 – Nathan Lavin, 34, was shot and killed by a black male in St. Louis, MO. The perp also shot his two dogs.

9/2/14 – A black male kills five white people in a spree shooting in Kansas City, MO. The same suspect is accused of murdering two white teenagers in 1998.

George Taylor, 80
Ann Taylor, 86
Susan Choucroun, 69
Lorene Hurst, 88
Darrel Hurst, 63

6/4/14 – Laura Bachman, 24, was beaten to death in her St. Louis, MO home. Her black boyfriend was charged.

3/1/14 – Nicholas Kapusniak, 20, was shot by a black male in downtown St. Louis, MO.…n-st-louis-mo/


  1. i’m 21, a black man, not american, i see and completely agree that this “race war/class war” is being provoked by those in power, but you keep making it seem like black people intentionally go out looking to kill white people, while this might be the truth in some cases, i doubt it is as obviously racially motivated as you make it seem, sometimes, it’s just ” a robbery gone wrong “.
    the problem isn’t that white people or black people are killing each other, when has this ever stopped? what Ferguson and “black justice” is about is an end to police violence against them, specifically by the white police. orchestrated war yes, but this war could not be orchestrated if the police and legal system wasn’t so prejudiced against whoever is a shade darker.

    just to be clear:
    1- i am not justifying any action to harm or kill anyone.
    2- the killing of any human is not justifiable if it can be avoided (even hitler).
    3- not every black person on tv is a “black leader”
    4- obama and his goons are NOT “black leaders”


    1. Hi, One of the things I like about this wordpress blog is the interaction between viewers and myself. I lived in a “ghetto area” in Portland, Oregon for nearly 15 years. I personally knew a man, a guy born with the mental ability of an 8 year old, who was shot dead by gang bangers in 1994. It is still a cold case and has never been solved. I do not judge people by any other standard than behavior. I have met white idiots, black idiots, and all other races. I dislike Obama, Jesse Jackson et al not because they are “black.” I truly loath Obama because he is a racist, race baiting, bigot of the Marxist ideology.
      My point in this post was to make three things clear. The first is we are now seeing in this Obamatata a planned effort to destroy the USA under the mantra of racial justice. I absolutely believe that violence, intentional attacks and murder one white people, is a deliberate part of the Obamafata. Second, I believe that any legitimate concerns over racial justice, or police brutality, have been hijacked by Marxists for the sole reason of causing chaos. And finally, I absolutely believe there are groups, ranging from the Media, to what I call the race baiting/extortion/affirmative action complex, the racial version of the military industrial complex, that are pouring fuel on the fire.

      The particular case I cited, as well as the list in the original post, were deliberate, intentional, terror attacks/hate crimes that were based on the kind of race baiting tactics, press conferences etc since Ferguson. After all, the “father” of Brown openly proclaims Ferguson should be “burnt down.” This is followed by multiple arson fires, and is in my opinion, what is called inciting arson and sedition.
      At any rate, this whole situation isn’t slowing down, backing off, and is now being stoked by a lot of different groups, with different agendas, for the sole purpose of installing a Marxist dictatorship under Obama.


    2. tlag-when you change the line to black lies matter,it all gets easier.

      and the race war will soon shift from black on white to black on mexican when they wake up and find out that THEY are now not in the back of the bus again,but under the wheels of the bus and the political whores are driving the mexicans around.


  2. Yeah, the MSM are nothing but liars and everybody is buying into it. It’s what they DON’T tell you that is so damaging to this country.


  3. Comrades (white people) turn in your guns! Turn them in immediately or else you’re a racist! The quicker you turn them in, the quicker we can get this black-on-white race war that the Judeo-Bolshevik owned media has been trying to started for some time now.


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