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I am starting to think I have lived too long, seen too much, and experienced more than any person should have. What is the Kipling quote about “dropping down rung by rung; we saw too much when we were too young?” For those of you who think all this is “over there,” I have some bad news for you: it is here, and it has been “here” for quite some time. It is clear, to me at least, that which I have written about since 1998, seen coming, line after line of chaos troops, marching in order, weapons drawn ready for action, is now upon us. It is upon us in the New Black Panther Party arming for revolution against “white oppression.” It is upon us in the rise of the populist based, Tea Party armed militias now mobilizing to begin armed resistance to the treason of both our Marxist Obama, along with his Republican toad bonerhead. It is upon us in the Chinese invasion of South America. It is upon us in the ongoing illegal hordes openly pouring over our borders. It is upon us in the squalor, filth, amoral opportunism, lack of integrity in what passes for popular culture, civic life, and the endless lies, deceptions, and deceit now common at all levels of this late stage American Republic. There is a Gaelic word, gloaming, that describes the period between twilight and the actual onset of darkness. We are now in that final moment between twilight and complete darkness.

My personal opinion is there are right now on Planet Earth more people who get it than ever before. I also think there are more people who don’t get it than ever before. It is entirely possible this is due to the fact there are now over 7 billion people alive on Planet Earth. At this point in time I really don’t have much to say to the so-called DGI, don’t get it, types. If you haven’t figured out you are now in fact living in the final stages of the American Republic, I will not waste what little time is left. The common mantra we are living in the final days of the Roman Empire, and now careening into the Dark Ages is not historically correct. I would say we are near the final days of the 100 year Roman Civil War. This began with the murder of the populist Grachhi brothers for raising the kind of solutions to the concentration of wealth Rome started to deal with after the final conquest of Carthage. It ended with Caesar Augustus, Octavian, the nephew of the murdered Julius Caesar, founding the Imperial line that died out in 70 AD along with the psychopath Nero.

The point I am making is simple. The United States is not a collapsing Empire, like Rome was in 476 AD. The USA is a collapsing Republic, like Rome was in 30 BC, with Obama now creating the template for the kind of Marxist dictator “they” plan to create on a global basis. The fact “they” are mixing corporate fascism in the economic sphere,  Marxist political policies, and now openly mixing  social policies allowing all types of moral squalor is what I find so fascinating about the USA in 2015. I don’t think there is any historical example at all with the combination of mass illegal immigration, corporate oligarchy lusting after greed, fully combined with Marxist ideology based on class warfare, race baiting, and social anarchy. Here in the final stages of the American Republic, we add in the kind of moral squalor described by the Roman Juvenal in “Satyricon” for good measure. I agree with Tacitus in his comment that “Nero so corrupted Rome it was impossible for civic and political life to be restored.” The American Republic is gone into the ether; we shall not see it again in our lifetimes.

The ides of January, 2015 will be remembered as the time Militant Islam hacked the US military and openly issued threats of murder, rape, and mayhem to the spouses, children, and presumably pets, of active duty military people now fighting ISIS overseas. The brazenness of this shows just how pathetic the final days of the American Republic truly are. Lock and Load, blog readers, for two things are now absolutely certain here in America. The first is the total, complete, and utter failure of the people now running the USA in every sense of the word. You are now totally, completely on your own. The war on dissident thought by our Marxist masters, and their Republican lackeys, will now go into full force. The second thing is we are now going to see, in the kind of way the powers that be will be unable to cover up, direct attacks by Militant Islam in the USA. Be prepared for this, at all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual. We are now naked, betrayed, and abandoned; we are now naked to our enemies.

The American Republic is now collapsing in fire and anarchy. It will be replaced either with a Militant Islam Caliphate, or a Marxist dictatorship. Patriots will be hounded to death by the rise of the Imperial State in whatever form it chooses to take. This is not coming; this is now here.


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