I have to admit the level of global chaos is so intense right now I find it hard to keep track of it, much less comment on it. Still, Doomer Doug, as he lurches towards raving lunacy, will keep up the good fight and at least try to sort out the various piles of fecal material into some sort of coherent mass. Yep, Doomer Doug really is one of those clowns sitting on a four-wheeler following the horses in a parade. My sole job here, and the things I do for my blog readers, is to shovel up the global fecal material, and then like the earthworm digest it into some form of compost. Of course, since 1998 I can claim to have been in equal parts ignored and been correct at the same time. Here in the final phase of the noble experiment called America, we can see the tidal wave of chaos about to smother us completely.

While it has been lost in the static, background noise of American life, we have seen the total reversal of the Monroe Doctrine, designed in the early 19th century by President Monroe, to keep the European powers out of South America and prevent the creation of more European colonies. Granted, the French took advantage of the American Civil War, 1861 to 1865, to seize Mexico with Maximilian. Still, up until the Chinese invasion of the last decade or so, South America has not had to deal with foreign invasions, or the creation of Imperial colonies in nearly 200 years.

The thing I find so personally repugnant about China is the way they have used their new status as a member of the WTO to become a more effective dictatorship at home, expand overseas, especially in South America and Africa; combine with the corporate fascists in both Europe and the United States in the destruction of the middle classes via “free trade.” Free Trade is neither free, much less helpful to anybody but the Communist Party plutocrats in China, and the corrupt duo of Western Politicians, and Western Corporate Whore leaders. The whole point of “free trade,” has never been to bring freedom, or economic  benefits at all to the Chinese slave workers, or the Mexicans destroyed under the traitor Bill Clinton’s NAFTA treaty. Ross Perot proved inspired indeed with his prediction of the “vast sucking sound,” if the North American Free Trade Agreement was ratified. The Chinese are now using it to import “stuff” directly to Mexico, and then over the wide open US southern border. This way the Chinese don’t even have to make the pretense of trying to meet WTO requirements. They bypass US ports completely, levy high tariff fees on US exports to China; finally, have unleashed a very well thought out, well planned, and well executed cyber campaign against the USA. The Chinese have used their so-called “admission to the world stage,” going all the way back to Mao in 1972, to engage in cyber warfare, and economic warfare, as well as prepare for the long-planned war against the USA.

China now has full operational control of the Panama Canal. China has pretty much taken over, at least in the economic sphere Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador in South America. Multiple other South American countries are deeply influenced by Chinese investment at  truly astounding levels. I mean, my blog readers, what do you think the fascist, throw people in jail, execute them, and then sell the body parts, has been doing with the hundreds of billions in trade surplus with the USA? The Chinese had a $300 BILLION trade surplus with the USA last year. They have not spent it on buying US exports; they have not spent it on treating their own people better, nor have they spent it dealing with the pollution and corruption now overwhelming China. They have spent it buying up the rest of the world, and upgrading their military into one of the finest in the world.

If you think I am  being somewhat alarmist, then read this link.

China steps in to support Venezuela, Ecuador as oil prices tumble

China steps in to support Venezuela, Ecuador as oil prices tumble

Look, no IMF strings attached! Photograph by TPG/Getty ImagesXi eyes doubling of trade volumes within 10 years and promises $250 billion of investment to Latin America.

China stepped up its courtship of Latin American countries Thursday, promising to double trade with the region by 2025 and offering fresh loans to support left-wing governments in Venezuela and Ecuador.

At a meeting in Beijing with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, or CELAC, President Xi Jinping said that annual bilateral trade would rise to $500 billion over the next 10 years, and that China would invest some $250 billion in the region in that period.

That would threaten the U.S.’s traditional pre-eminence as the region’s biggest trading partner, inevitably diluting its political clout there.

However, it’s not clear quite how Xi arrived at his figures. Although trade and investment have rocketed in the last 20 years as China has sucked up natural resources from around the world to fuel its industrialization, growth slowed sharply in the first 11 months of last year, as China refocused its economy on domestic demand.

According to CELAC figures, trade volumes grew only 1.3% year-on-year in the first 11 months of 2014. Despite that, China remains the biggest buyer for Venezuelan oil, Chilean copper and Argentinian soybeans, among other things.

Of more immediate impact than Xi’s promises Thursday were agreements to bankroll the governments of Venezuela and Ecuador, two of the most viscerally anti-U.S. regimes in the region and two oil exporters who are struggling with the consequences of the 60% drop in oil prices since the start of last year.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was reported as saying that he had secured over $20 billion in investment from the state-owned institutions Bank of China and China Development Bank, adding to over $45 billion in the last 10 years. He didn’t give details of the loans’ terms.

Ecuador, meanwhile, said it had agreed a new $5.3 billion credit line with China’s Export-Import Bank and $2.2 billion in other funding.

Venezuela’s 2-year bonds are currently yielding 62.6%, reflecting widespread expectations that it will default if the price of oil, which accounts for over 90% of Venezuela’s exports, doesn’t recover. It’s not clear whether the new loans will be available for servicing government debts. Ecuador’s 10-year bonds, which were sold at a yield of below 8% last summer, now yield 11.25%, according to Bloomberg.

China had stepped up its economic diplomacy in Latin America last year with $30 billion in concessionary loans and the establishment of a $5 billion co-operation fund. That’s part of a broader policy of setting up new institutions to channel its economic influence, after the U.S. failed to implement agreements on allowing emerging countries such as China a bigger say in running the International Monetary Fund.

In November, China announced the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which many see as a direct rival to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, which has traditionally been dominated by the U.S. and Japan.<END FAIR USE QUOTE>

DOOMER DOUG IS SAYING CHINA IS NOW OPENLY MAKING ITS MOVE IN SOUTH AMERICA. The “KING OF THE SOUTH,” in my opinion, refers to the combined Chinese/South American economic/political/military alliance now coming into being as Obama, among his many other sins, allows a military threat to develop on our entire southern border. Doomer Doug has long said the “company” running the Panama Canal is a part of the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army. The PLA is a corporation with many separate, money-making companies with PLA officers as CEOs. I will tell you plainly, as I warned many years ago, the so-called “cargo containers,” at both ends of the Panama Canal will one day open up and the mobile missile launchers, complete with nuclear warheads, will hit targets inside the USA. Venezuela is now getting massive amounts of weapons, from both Russia and China, in order to maintain the Marxist regime installed by the late Hugo Chavez.

It is plain to see what is now happening on our entire southern border all the way down to Venezuela. The Marxist Obama has combined the overwhelming of America with 10 million illegals to be made permanent Democratic voters, with allowing Red China, and yes they are a weird mixture of Marxism and Corporate fascism, to create a direct military threat to America. The Chinese military is now secretly, at least in my opinion, deployed in the Panama Canal, and in Venezuela and Ecuador. We will find out soon enough.

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