A BRUTAL START TO 2015 1-8-2015

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If anybody had any illusions left about the true nature of Militant Islam left, the mass execution of journalists in Paris should finally end the multicultural bull feces spewed by the Marxist, globalist unlimited illegal refugee/immigration crowd. In case you haven’t figured it out, western secular, political, religious beliefs,  cultural values and ideology are despised by Islam in general, and by Militant Islam in particular. Militant Islam believes in Sharia Law. Militant Islam believes in an Islamic Caliphate. Militant Islam tolerates no dissent; it tolerates no opposing views of any type. Militant Islam murders because it is required to do so by its internal religious, moral doctrine. The kind of vicious, brutal, savage and barbaric acts routinely executed by Militant Islam are not a fluke, or freak actions taken by raving lunatics. The ongoing barbarism of Militant Islam is the logical result of Islamic religious ideology.

I happen to think there is a difference between Militant Islam and more secular Muslims. I have known, personally known, several Iranian, Afghani, and other refugees over the years. Militant Islam would murder them instantly because they are viewed as heretics, secular, and worthy of death. The problem for secular Muslims, the vast majority of the world’s one billion plus Muslims, is they have failed to understand they are going to go down with Militant Islam. While the statement, “Shoot them all, and let God sort them out,” isn’t quite where we are at right now: we are getting close to the kind of brutal, unthinking, populist reaction Militant Islam is intentionally provoking. I hope the type of devastating reaction Pakistan’s people, military, and government have started, in response to the brazen murder of 149 children and teachers in December, becomes the standard one. Personally, I have no moral, philosophical objections to dealing with secular Muslims in the fight against Militant Islam’s mindless violence. Still, the savagery unleashed by Militant Islam is going to be stopped: either by an alliance between those Muslims who are not behaving like animals, with us so-called “Crusaders,” or the unrestricted, open warfare against Militant Islam in the years ahead.

DOOMER DOUG will tell you all, Muslim or not, if  Secular Islam can’t control Militant Islam; prevent the kind of vicious, ongoing attacks now going on, well, let me put it plainly: it is a requirement Militant Islam be crushed, ground into paste, and rendered unable to kill anybody, anywhere in the world. This is what is going to happen in my opinion. Do not make the mistake of thinking the current, gutless, multicultural appeasing governments are going to remain in power in the Western World. They will be overwhelmed in the blood and fire of Militant Islam’s war to create a global Caliphate; they will be utterly destroyed in the populist backlash. The first, faint tendrils of this populist backlash are now starting to be seen in Europe.

Secular Muslims need to understand they will held accountable for the war crimes now openly being done by the animals now proclaiming Jihad. First, they don’t understand Jihad refers to the internal battle to control the flesh, face evil, and is of the spirit, and not the flesh. Militant Islam’s belief a warrior is able to be moral in the act of murdering children, women, or unarmed men is despicable, contemptible, and one I hold in the kind of loathing reserved for child rapists, people who abuse animals, and our Marxist thug Obama. At any rate, this will be settled in the next decade of so, one way or the other. We will either have a Militant Islam Caliphate installed over the bones of Western Civilization, and the bodies of the Western Populace, or we will have killed Militant Islam down to the last baby, and as many Secular Muslims needed to get all the child killing, slave-owning, Militant Islam scum where they can’t bother anybody else.

In the other major story indicating 2015 is going to be the year when the zits are popped, and the pus comes out, I saw a newspaper story where Alan Dersowitz? responded to the lawsuit claiming he also raped a 17 year old girl with a two page, “I ain’t done nothing,” claim. The two lawyers for the 17 year old promptly sued him for slander.

Next, we have Bill Clinton starting to get Internet traction at least.


In the “where do the rich scum really play” category we have this link.

St. James Island exposed: The elites best kept secret, until now

The link is here.

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