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The last two days I have been highlighting a staggering, stunning, and potentially wide-ranging story of sexual perversion, corruption, and evil by some people at the highest level of the food chain. They include Prince Andrew of Britain, the brother of Prince Charles, as well as Bill Clinton, former US President from 1992 to 2000. You would think the fact a former Democratic President was named in a lawsuit alleging a criminal conspiracy involving a convicted sexual predator; namely, one Jeffery Epstein, would be covered in the USA media. You would think the fact a former US President was named in court documents as raping an underage girl, in a series of sexual orgies hosted by Mr. Epstein, well you would think the US media would be interested in covering that story. Of course, if we were talking about Ronald Reagan, or George Bush senior; especially, Bush junior, the media coverage would be overwhelming, massive; not able to be avoided anywhere in the USA. Does anybody seriously think the USA WHORE MEDIA would not cover George Bush junior being named in court documents as having RAPED A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL, IN A SEX SLAVE SCENARIO; AS PART OF A SEXUAL ORGY. Seriously, you know I speak the truth. The only US media source now covering Bill Clinton the rapist is at this time. Msnbc has pulled its coverage completely. is covering it also.

Yesterday I went to cbs news and did not find ONE SINGLE STORY ABOUT EITHER PRINCE ANDREW OR BILL CLINTON. Next, I went to abcnews and did not find ONE SINGLE STORY ABOUT EITHER PRINCE ANDREW OR BILL CLINTON. Finally, I went to nbc news, or, and found ONE story that ONLY mentioned Prince Andrew. They failed to mention the fact Bill Clinton was also a named defendant in the lawsuit, which is a bit of an oversight.

We can also see how the liberal media allowed Bill Cosby to rape at will for several decades. We can now see in full, complete, and undeniable clarity, the charge of liberal, extremist bias is 100 percent true. The blunt truth is the US WHORE MEDIA is aiding a sexual predator named one William Jefferson Clinton. Clinton has been allowed to engage in a series of sexual orgies without being held accountable for these criminal acts. It looks like we may be impeaching Bill Clinton before we get around to Obama the Marxist. The fact Bonerhead was just anointed means there is no credible, peaceful, or effective way to resist Obama the Marxist Tyrant short of the armed militia mobilizing. The blood is on the lot of them.

The fact our media can’t be bothered to cover a documented charge Bill Clinton is spending his taxpayer-funded, Secret Service Protected, retirement raping underage girls on tropical islands says it all. It would be interesting to do a Freedom of Information request for any Secret Service documents, reports, and daily logs, related to covering Bubba while he was raping a 17-year-old girl. Doomer Doug is wondering if a youtube video is going to surface with Bill Clinton as the media star. If you are wondering what the so called net-neutrality act is all about it is this one thing. The powers that be despise the Internet because it allows stories like the sexual perversion of Bill Clinton to be covered widely and globally. If you were only dependent on the US WHORE MEDIA you wouldn’t have any idea of what Bill has been doing since he was nearly impeached in 1998.

The next time some liberal starts whining about “fascist conservatives,” simply point out the ones who always try to suppress information, and who always ignore Democratic corruption, incompetence, or sexual antics is the radical leftist press in the USA. If ignoring documented, legally provided information on former US President Bill Clinton, raping underage girls in a sex orgy hosted by a now convicted sexual predator Mr. Epstein, isn’t an example of CENSORSHIP, Doomer Doug doesn’t know what is.

The issue of US media censorship to push the radical leftist/Marxist agenda is now fully exposed by this one story.

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  1. They are all scum – both sides of the aisle. How conveniently you failed to mention the Reagan administration, and G.H.W. Bush’s homosexual pedophilia involvement…


  2. Suggest you direct people to YouTube videos by Cathy O’Brien regarding “Trance Formation of America” (a book available for free in PDF format). She was a sex slave who was rescued and has been trying to get people to help expose the world she was abused in. In the videos and book she exposes several high level politicians, including Bill Clinton & Hillary!


  3. Too bad you only check TV news. If you dug into the newspapers you would find that during the Reagan Admin they caught some White House aids bringing in boys for prostitution. The story got so confusing and it seems that Boys Town was involved somehow. They were taking boys from there for the possible prostitution. The story was pretty convoluted and involved a lot of players with whispers of MK Ultra. They did put someone away with ties to both political figures and Boys Town. Reagan was supposed to be not involved in it.

    Cheney has been accused of also using MK Ultra young along with Bush Sr. but no proof has been produced. The Republicans seem to be teflon and have better protection or play the game better. Old Bubba just acts on it, never thinking things out.He has been accused of sexual misdeeds all of his political life. “Primary Colors” by Anonymous is supposed to be about Bubba on the campaign trail. As far as I can tell both parties are so high on themselves they will attack anything for their own sexual needs, just hard to say how they play the game in whether they are exposed or not.


    1. Sorry, the news coverage about the Reagan so called “Boys Town scandal,” was 100 times the amount of news coverage given Democratic Congressman Barney Franks; his boyfriend/pimp who ran an escort service out of Frank’s apartment. The news coverage of Republican sex scandals is 100 times the amount given ANY story involving Democrats. I haven’t watched TV news in the last two decades. I thought Primary Colors was about Clinton on the campaign trail.


      1. Bubba is Clinton. Like Lone Wolf said both sides are scum, just some have better crews for damage control.

  4. yeah they are WHORES!!! hahahahaha!! really they are puppets.but dont speak highly of bush jr or bush sr, they are ALL globalist devil scum who want a NEW WORLD ORDER!!! bush sr boast about it in his speech to congress on 9-11-1991, ten years to THE DAY!!! NOT a coincidence!!! they wouldnt be happier than raping our kids while we are slowly poisoned due to GMO, toxic vaccines, or fukashima. but they are moving too slow so we will see ebola or some other lab made plague, and WW3 to wipe out a huge number of the planets “useless eaters” namely US!!!

    also goes to show your vote does NOT COUNT!!! see how mid-stream media is now pushing for jeb bush and hitlery clinton?? keep the dynasties going!!


  5. I was married in Ark. At age of 16 I think that saying any one 16 or older is not old enough to give consent for sex and always calling it rape is wrong, because when l was married I was not pregnant I was just wanting to get married and my parents consented.


  6. Look, only 6 companies own ALL of our “news”. These owners are all buddies, pals, and demonrats. What do you expect?


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