One of the ironies of modern British life is this misplaced adoration of the Royal Family. The hysteria over the birth of the new heir I find offensive. The pandering, media slavering, and drooling are signs of a British people reduced to the status of slaves and idiots. The House of Windsor is not even English, nor are they related in any way, shape, or form to the actual English Kings before the Germans, yes the German royal family, took over. Granted, the House of Windsor has done a good job of looking British, including changing Lord Mountbatten’s name to sound more English. Still, there is a rot at the very core of the “British Royal Family.”

Prince Harry ran around, presumably in a drunken stupor, wearing a Nazi symbol brazenly. After the firestorm died down, Prince Harry resumed his drunken, playboy lifestyle without missing a beat. Prince Phillip, Harry’s grandfather, was quoted as saying he wants to come back as a virus so he can help depopulate the human race. Prince Charles, at least in my opinion, was involved in the murder of Diana, the doomed “breeder” he chose to prevent even more inbreeding. Diana was pregnant with the child of her Muslim lover. Under no conditions, would a Muslim be allowed into the breeding pool for the Royal House of Windsor. If you think this is woo woo, just ask yourself why Diana was left in an ambulance for over two hours before being taken to the French hospital?

The coup de grace, at least in my opinion, is the widespread sexual perversion, and pedophile rings, now seen to be deeply embedded in the increasingly degenerate British society. The BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, has a massive pedophile scandal with Lord Saville. And now we have Prince Andrew openly charged with being a rapist, and sex slave user. Actually, 2015 may be the year sex slave role play games move from fantasy to reality with ISIS and their “manual for the use of sex slaves,”  The mere fact the House of Windsor felt compelled to issue a public denial indicates how serious the rape and slavery charges really are.  Prince Harry is a drunken fool. Prince Phillip, the grandfather, is a psychopath. Prince Charles, the father, was an accessory to the murder of his wife. And now we find Prince Andrew, the Duke of York,  is a rapist, and abuser of sex slaves.

I say like grandfather, like father, and now like son. I say, in the name of the Spirit, a curse upon the House of Windsor. I would remind these pedophiles, who strut around like peacocks, of one thing. It was Jesus who said a pedophile would be better off tying a millstone, which is a one ton rock used to grind flour, around his/her neck and jump into the ocean. I say to this disgusting, vile House of Windsor you will be held accountable for your crimes. You will no doubt buy off the pedophile BBC, the corrupt British government, and stay in power. Pedophiles directly attack the innocence of children. They destroy this innocence and damage the child for life. I will tell you plainly there is NOTHING the Spirit despises more than the brutalization of children for the sexual pleasure of a pedophile. Prince Andrew will be judged for his sexual perversions. You can count on that.

The stories are at the links below.


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