First, welcome to the several thousand of you who took the time to view this blog from Mr. Qs, one Steve Quayle’s, website. Steve and I go waaaaay back, well over a decade in fact. I will be reposting some of the essays I wrote at the Q files that were apparently lost when the servers did shameful things. Personally, Doomer Doug, who really does think and refer to himself in the third person, thinks one of the best uses for a 12 gauge shotgun is to fire it at a balky computer. If Doomer Doug won’t tolerate insolence from the US government, why do people think a defective computer will fare any better?

In my post listing the three things police will do in response to the terror attack on the two New York City police officers being shot dead, I said one of them would be a collapse of law enforcement. The link below is the first “official” indication my prediction is starting to happen.

I also said that “if,” repeat if the kind of terror/ambush shootings/attacks become an ongoing, much less a widespread phenomenon, you will see the rise of the death squad in the USA. I will remind everybody the death squad, while not invented in South America, were certainly perfected there. This next link shows, in my opinion, the start of an armed military style campaign to bully the system into a state of failure.

Doomer Doug remembers listening to the late William F. Buckley on his television show in the late 1960s. One comment he made about Vietnam still sticks in my increasingly decaying brain. He commented that the USA would be like Vietnam, this was in 1967, if the decade’s long campaign of murder, kidnapping, and terror directed towards the entire local power structure was executed in the USA. Well, gang, guess what. We are now seeing the use of the exact same tactics Marxists have used to come to power in multiple countries.

I am telling you all quite plainly one thing. We are now dealing with a well planned out, based on historical Marxist models for the overthrow of a state. The Marxists have done this before. The Marxists have now targeted the United States for the FINAL PHASE related to the creation, using a wide range of tactics, including mass violence, of a Marxist dictatorship.

I will tell you quite plainly the same battle and political tactics are now being used to discredit the political, economic, and military systems in the USA. We can expect the murder of local, state, and federal law enforcement as part of an ongoing military campaign to collapse the social order in the USA. We are at war, so you had better get used to ongoing, mass demonstrations, fully combined with a military style offensive against selected system targets.

My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url

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  1. Yea, came here from Steve Quayle’s web site, I like your style of writing and how you express your opinions. Added you to my favorites, will come back often to read your new post and have already begun to read your other posts, please keep it coming! Great Stuff! God Bless!


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