What we are seeing in the United States right now is nothing less than a concerted Marxist campaign to subvert our entire social order. This Marxist campaign is first led and directed by the traitor Obama, fully supported by Eric Holder, Valarie Jarret, as well as the two race baiting lapdogs Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The sole purpose of all comments made by the above clowns relating to race relations in the USA has been to trigger a race and class based civil war.

Obama really does think in classic Marxist agitator style. The man is a Marxist; the man thinks like a Marxist; the man acts like a Marxist. The whole point of Obama’s two terms is to install a Marxist dictatorship along the lines of Chile’s Salvador Allende in 1973. The Marxists learned their lessons from the Chilean military and its counter coup. The Obamabot savage attack on conservative political thought; the use of the IRS to crush conservative groups, as well as the ongoing, absolute media control of the “hope and change” mantra show Marxists can indeed be taught new tricks. The ongoing purge of the military by Obama, as well as the definite attempts to create Obama’s version of “The Hitler Youth” show what Obama is really up to. After all, you really didn’t think our very strange First Lady is really interested in school nutrition did you? No, Michelle Obama is most definitely trying to get school children sucked into her “vision.” If you bother to study history, like Doomer Doug does, this Marxist campaign just leaps out at you.

The massive chaos in the USA right now is intentional, deliberate and part of an military level campaign with the simple goal of ending modern America. If you do not get that, dear blog reader, then you are going to be crushed as the chaos increases in 2015. The chaos filling the news media today: the storming of malls, the transport disruption efforts, along with the so called “peaceful demonstrations” are not going away. They are going to become a permanent fixture of American life as 2015 starts. This mass effort is part of a targeted effort to disrupt American life in order to get “racial justice.” It is directly tied into Marxist efforts to subvert capitalism, disrupt daily life, as well as trigger Militant Islamic efforts to pay back the “Great Satan.”

Ferguson has unleashed the genie from the bottle. The genie will not be stuffed back inside as these types of incidents will become commonplace in 2015. In fact, they are now part of the newly created, chaotic atmosphere giving free reign to the hatred and contempt minorities really feel towards their “white oppressors,” and its “corrupt, unjust, racist, system at all levels.” I consider these social disruption level attacks to be “lone wolf” style attacks now openly plotted on social media. They represent long standing frustration, a strong sense of entitlement; finally, the kind of brutal violence the minority and anarchy groups are capable of.

We should get used to this ongoing campaign of social anarchy. It is now permanently loosely linked to vague goals of “getting social justice,” or “no justice and no peace actions.” This style of direct action may very well turn into unrestricted military style attacks like the two dead police in New York City. If so, we will see a directed military response, either “officially,” or in unsanctioned death squads going after any groups thought to be behind the attacks. Everybody pretty much hates everybody else in the USA of late 2014; everybody pretty much will do whatever they think they need to do to get “justice.” We are also dealing with one simple fact. The USA is the first nation in history where the people are well armed enough to take out the political system if they care to.

We are, in my opinion, in the most explosive situation in the USA since the spring of 1861 and the armed militia mobilizing for the southern attack on Fort Sumpter. We have seen three examples of armed militia mobilizing in the last few weeks. The first was a lone wolf attack on the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas resulting in the individual being shot dead by a Texas Ranger. The second armed militia mobilization was in Ferguson, Missouri with the Oath Keepers. The local police and Missouri National Guard disarmed them at the orders of the powers that be. If the Oath Keepers had refused to be disarmed, Civil War Two would have started. The third example was in Olympia, Washington where several thousand armed militia showed up and openly stated, guns in hand, they would not comply with the new gun control law. Again, if the powers that be had made any attempt to disarm the assembled people, Civil War Two would have broken out. Bottom line is we are one firefight away from Civil War Two.

The specific cause for these armed militia mobilizations, which I fully expect to increase as 2015 lurches along, is the tyrant Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional illegal immigration executive order. The left doesn’t understand this action is seen as an act of treason by Obama. We are not dealing with a political difference here at all. We now have the armed militias taking the position Obama, our elected President, has committed an act of treason subject to being impeached by the Republicans. If the Republicans fail to impeach Obama in 2015, which they almost certainly will do, or not do,  we set the stage for the Second American Civil War, or Civil War Two based on Mr. Chittum’s book. If you think Doomer Doug is full of it, I suggest you step back and take a hard look at the situation.

I will tell you quite plainly one thing.  35 million American military veterans in the armed militia once swore an oath to defend the American constitution from all “enemies foreign and domestic.” Tens of millions more patriots, and true populist conservatives, believe Obama is a tyrant. They will take direct action to resist what is viewed as a Marxist coup and dictatorship. The context of the so called, at least by the media and the corporate Republican wing, “political differences,” is one where one side considers the elected political class as traitors, while the political elite views the conservatives as political dissidents needing to be exterminated like cockroaches. Doomer Doug is saying this will end in blood and fire. The armed militias are not backing down, which will become clear as we careen into 2015. Obama the Marxist tyrant certainly isn’t backing down either in his arrogance and tyranny. The armed militia mobilizations will continue as a direct response to Obama’s treason and coup attempt related to his illegal immigration efforts. And finally, we are now in the early phases of a shooting war with Putin and Russia. The fact Russia just declared NATO to be the prime military threat to Russia is worth noting.

Damn, Obama the Tyrant is going to trigger Civil War Two at home, as well as World War Three with Russia overseas.

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  1. And no one ever saw this coming either, right? Idiots get what they deserve for waiting over 100 years to stand up for themselves against all the many traitors and tyrants.


  2. For future information. The “attack” on Sumter had absolutely nothing to do with any militia. It was the Citadel Corps or Cadets that first fired upon the foreign occupiers of South Carolina’s fort (property).
    Spring??? Not really. South Carolina seceded on 20 Dec 1860. She was within her rights to expel any foreign occupying forces, from her soil, at anytime. It just happened to occur when captured foreign (union) spies informed South Carolina of secret reinforcements were on there way to Sumter (Star of the West). Only then did the Cadets shell the fort.
    And by the way. Not one foreigner was killed by the shelling. The casualties are listed as one chicken and one male on convalescence (already sick).


    1. Hi, I use the armed militia in the historical terms of 1776. The armed militia was all white males between the age of 17 and 55 years old. Obviously, the armed militia of 2015 reflects the addition of women and minorities since then. Further, my mother was born in Mobile, Alabama so I am well aware of the “War of Northern Aggression.” At any rate, my point was we are now seeing, for the first time since Fort Sumter, the armed militias self grouping in response to what they think is abuse/treason at the Federal Government level.
      It was the actual election of Lincoln that triggered the Civil War. The delay was due to mobilization issues.
      Wilson nationalized the armed militia/National Guard just before World War One. People confuse the armed militia with the National Guard.


  3. Semantics I know, but it matters there never was a civil war “one”. Civil war is internal overthrow to wrest control of a country from group to another. We in the south wanted out of the original voluntary union of sovereign states, now collectively held at gunpoint. The south lawfully seceded and then was invaded, murdered, and destroyed for her wealth. If the south was wrong in 1861, then we were all wrong in 1776. I agree wholeheartedly in your assertion of current Marxist tone and actions; Lincoln was admired by Karl Marx as well. The government controlled media is hiding a war between liberty and tyranny with racial, religious, and economic smoke and mirrors. We are burning in an almost identical manner as Rome did, yet hardly anyone sees the flames. You have an excellent analysis of current events and underlying motives in the article.


  4. THE LORD says the CHEMTRAIL AIR PLANES will be loaded with POISON chemicals and sprayed on every one KILLING MILLIONS of americans and the PILOTS will not be told their spraying poison on the people and thats whats killing everyone,NOT THAT THEY CARE ANYWAY…….Their all going to HELL anyway…..So that will make them happy campers,they all belong to SATAN………


  5. Thanks Doug.
    You know the proper term, Marxists. In our case, they have indeed learned their lessons.. the new CULTURAL Marxists have been at war with us for decades, and think they have now won.
    They don’t the meaning of the word…
    The III,
    We are everywhere.


  6. I believe you are quite correct in your assessment of the perilous position we are about to face. I am too old to become an infantryman, but I am not told to hold a rifle, and when the time comes when they need me even at my age, I will be available. If I die in this conflagration, so be it. I have lived a good life, and as was said so eloquently by Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death”.


  7. You forgot the armed conflict at Bundy ranch in Nevada. I was there, it was the closes we’ve come to melting down into civil war. Neither side would initially back down and I can tell you from first hand knowledge, both sides were very well armed. Experienced military veterans had the militias dug in and the battle would have been protracted and bloody.


    1. I was aware of the Bundy ranch situation in Nevada. I only included armed militia in the post Ferguson context for the purpose of this essay. You are correct the Bundy ranch was an official mobilization of the “armed militia.”
      I am talking about the rising of the armed militia in the context of Obama’s TREASON in using an executive order to add up to 15 million illegals in order to permanently vote in Democrat politicians.


  8. Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither……put that in your pipe and smoke it…. the cops simply have to many loopholes in the laws that they can use to literally do what they please….that’s the issue with that crap…I never see or hear about racism until I watch the news…even my darker complected friends in the hood of northeast Kansas City think the same…we don’t have race problems… we have a hood mentality that needs to oppurtunity is givin to these low income areas.. opportunity being a job not social programs to keep them at the government’s will…which someone pays the taxes for in the first place …so they resort to any means neccesarry to survive…which means doing some things cops disagree with and in the end gets a unarmed AMERICAN CIVILIAN shot to death by cops. Simply cause of lack of opportunity. … America’s not gonna fall….there will be no civil war…no one would win in that situation..and we must respect our politicians regardless of our thoughts…the way to win is to take back control…it shouldnt cost millions to run for president or congress or senate…judges shouldnt get to sit in seats for 20 years..there should be checks and balance for police and the courts etc…prosecutors and what not there all for the same cause ….things like that need change…when the shit does get real and hits the fan we will all come together regardless and we will see this country through. Freedom is to be fought for ..and this is why it’s critical the 2nd amendment must be protected….and you won’t be able to just get elected and make rules and laws and then expect people to tolerate it when you surpress our rights and step by step rewrite the constitution to your likings.. it won’t happen end of story…..even ones in the military are fed up with this shit…..they are our brothers and sisters mothers and fathers who have sworn to protect the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies….so do you really think there gonna go against civilians in the end if push came to shove……NO….we need to educate the youth in this nation strictly on the constitution and rights and processes of our systems …we need a new party….a legitimate one…..government needs to decrease in size….on all levels…..they shouldn’t be allowed to tell us what grade of shit paper to use…..the setup is what’s driving us downhill….it only works when the ones running it are faithful to this country 100%.and they can’t be faithful when their salaries are more in one year then average Americans make in their lifetimes.which means they are after personal gains….some citizens never even seeing retirement…and for you folks abroad….don’t test the American WILL we got all the east under wraps….don’t be fooled. We are harder smarter more tactical and we have more free will then any of you other countries and if you go against us, our military would eat you alive regardless of how messed up our politics may seem…..we don’t kidnapp enemies and cut there heads off or hide ied’s and usually i think its others who antogonize our country here…but we will and do beat your punk ass to the dirt right on your doorstep.. And then remind you why were the greatest country on earth….now they might throw your ass in a cage and torture you for intell….but that’s why you don’t come at us with threats and run planes into buildings…..what the fuck did you think would happen….and as far as illegal immigration….what don’t people get about that phrase…..ILLEGAL…the first thing they do is break the law..and technically wouldn’t people here who are unaccounted for be a threat to our economy which is like terrorism by being a burden on taxpayers and a burden to the government why is the Cia not on there asses…that’s like counterfeit money it’s a threat to the’s unaccounted for and illegal..I’m not racist and far from… and if the ones saying that of illegal immigration were racist then why do people risk there lives to live within us……if they are being killed in their home countries isn’t that genocide??? And yeah America loves kids but we gotta feed the ones already here with nothing…..then 99% of the ones Givin amnesty have no clue about the history and moral and the roots of this country….so they will vote to whoever handouts… (democrats) socialist marxist.. and the same goes for republicans both parties have been infiltrated so me I’m a constitutionalist and a patriot….it’s wrong to grant amnesty when Americans born and raised here struggle day to day.. where’s our amnesty…when we do something illegal we pay for the consequences..just look at our prisons…. this is not Mexico and there is a reason why that country fails….no leadership no heart and no hope to make your country just as good….. they run from there problems Americans fight that shit out until we win….cause freedom is the cause… and the sacrifice and blood of my kin whos served over americas history will not be in vein….just so a couple fuckers can come here and cause more chaos.. look at where they come from and then look at how they want the same problems here…immigration is good when done legally and your counted for and you pass the test to deserve to be here…i cant just fucking go to germany i have to have a passport and what not and i dont think you can just move there just because…….illegals come here and get social help through programs. But yet Americans who work and are productive lose over half of our money in taxes and just scrape by and some dont qualify for social shit like ebt cards cause they make just a little over the threshold meanwhile if you illegally came here you get food stamps and the whole nine yards. When did food become a right???? That’s right it’s not…so don’t come to America looking for a handout.the reason food stamps work somewhat is because there’s someone working paying into it and that’s where the fair part of taxes come in if you ain’t paying taxes and ypur not accounted for which you couldn’t have been if your an illegal but you’ve been here ten years..see the problem you get the rewards but didn’t put in the responsibility such as become a legal citizen the right way..cause bet your bottom dollar ….shits fixing to change when the real Americans flip the script and take back this beautiful country we call home….. now people will try to debate what I’ve written and yeah I’m sure there can be give and take on anything I’ve said…but the truth is just that the truth….liberty???? What’s that word mean to you??? Then ask yourself what laws and what actions has government done to eliminate your liberty.. be truthful to yourself…just because you think guns are bad doesn’t mean you should surpress the rights given to others….just because you don’t like smoking doesn’t mean you should make laws to forbid smoking… Liberty ….live and let live …much of this is scattered and some may be off topic…but people need to really grow some brains and see what’s going on right in front of our faces… and quit listening to politicians like they are there for your interest….call them out on it and fuck there political correctness…cause that’s just a made up phrase to keep you from saying what you really think….#americansgoharder you learn to read and then you read to learn self education can go a long way……just don’t choose to be ignorant. As you won’t see the truth….and confusion will follow you…..


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