The issue of torture is a complex one in my opinion.

The basic issue in the war, yes the war, between militant Islam and the West is there are two sets of rules in play. The West seems to think you can use the legal system, complete with legal rights and protections granted to US citizens, when dealing with non citizens, hell bent on killing western people.

The issue with torture is not only what you do to the people you are torturing, but what happens to the people doing the torture. Further, any society that takes the high road on torture will find itself at a significant disadvantage when dealing with amoral opportunists and religious fanatics. Militant Islam will win if the West fails to defend itself, or even worse decides it will allow our enemy a free pass. It is a fact that Militant Islam uses what they see as our major weak spots against us; namely, our legal system, our secular society and culture, as well as our freedom.

Bush is the result of long term elite inbreeding and honestly really isn’t that intelligent. He was a useful puppet and nothing more. It says it all that our Imperial Cretin in Chief Obama, he of the hope and change mantra uses drone strikes and torture more than Bush ever did.

We will have to decide, as a society, whether waterboarding a known terrorist is worse than allowing a school bus full of kids to be blown up by a suicide bomber.

Personally, I am willing to do whatever it takes to crush an entity like ISIS that beheads five year old kids.

The German philosopher said it best: “If you stare into the abyss long enough, it will stare back at you.”

We face the same situation combat vets have always faced. If you do what is needed to live through the situation, you will damaged and scarred for life, but if you do not, you will be dead.

One of the reasons I despise Militant Islam is they are going to force the West to do things that will not be good for us in the long term. The thing is if we don’t crush Militant Islam THERE WILL BE NO LONG TERM.

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  1. I hope you understand that ISIS is a creation of the CIA, not an Islamic organization. And using dogs to rape prisoners? That’s just depraved.

    All that torture has gotten us what? All the FBI set up “terrorist” attacks they claim to have stopped are just BS.


  2. I fully agree with your thinking: I would rather not have a school bus of children murdered if a single act of torture could prevent it. Very much agree, however isn’t this pure speculation? How can we measure the exact effect of information extracted via torture? In theory it sounds reasonable, but in practice we don’t really know, unless you are saying you have detailed cause and effect studies of real life ‘torture v. results’ events.

    Also, what actually constitutes torture? Does it have to be brutal? Is it not possible to fight fairly but firmly or is this naive? Is there a drug that could simply elicit or produce information of value?

    What is the value of any torture at all when we already know where the enemy lives and works? We already know his supply lines. We already know his methods. We already know he is infused within our ranks. We already know he lies incessantly and will die telling the lie. How is the information extracted via torture verified? Could the information we receive actually be harmful if acted on? What is the real value of torture when later we release (reward) the prisoners that will then obviously commit additional mayhem as retaliation for the torture? Why are prisoners not converted to our way of thinking, to help us, to break out of their brainwashed quest for Jihad?

    Torture may be like beating a dog that won’t obey, instead of training him with a carefully planned program. Torture is truly a last resort, an act of desperation. Maybe there’s a whole new way to get information, one we already know of, a smarter way, but is not being used due to the politics of higher authorities.

    Stepping outside of the small but complex issue of “torture,” the bigger picture has so many players on the world stage that we can no longer make sense of the play. Spies, double-agents, profiteers, and above all bankers, are infusing corruption, false news, and self-serving treachery at every level of government.

    The result is we torture prisoners of war, maybe even save a school bus, then release them to attack even more school buses and incite even more war mongering.

    Pray to God the Most High.


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