Whatever else you can say about Vladamir Putin, he is ruthless enough to do whatever it takes to obtain his political goals. The meeting between Vlad the Impaler and Porky the Warmonger may go down in history as one of the most strange in human history. You have Porky, who is facing a military disaster in the Eastern Ukraine, meeting with the man who caused it. If Porky the Warmonger wasn’t facing the total collapse of his military, he wouldn’t be talking with Putin, much less meeting him.

    Putin is now in his final political end game. He allowed thousands of ethnic Russians to be shelled, bombed and shot into pieces in order to create the humanitarian crisis he wanted. Vlad the Impaler then used the humanitarian crisis, the one he aided, caused and watched unfold due to his inaction, to allow him to respond to it. Putin is like Stalin. Stalin allowed the Nazis to slaughter the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto so he could clear the way for his takeover of Poland. The Russians are bastards. They have centuries of experience in being bastards. The West seems not to have understood this.

    Putin is now using his decisive military victory over Porky the Warmonger to allow him to gain the political goals he had from Day One. Putin has won. Putin has the body count in dead innocents to prove it.

     The remnants of Porky the Warmonger’s so called military are in free fall in the Eastern Ukraine. New Russia will be in place and fully functional no later than January of 2015. The innocent dead curse Vlad the Impaler, but he doesn’t listen, much less care.

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