The ongoing Ebola crisis continues to unfold much as a regional epidemic would in West Africa. The issue of whether we are going to see a global Ebola Pandemic is unclear at this time. There are certainly indications Ebola is spreading via air travel to other countries. We had a case in Ireland where a man was found dead. The authorities are saying they are “testing” his blood samples. Assuming he had Ebola, you may be sure the powers that be will NEVER openly admit it unless forced to so. The same is true in the USA about the several people who have shown “Ebola like” symptoms. The CDC, which stands not for Center for Disease Control, but Confuse, Distract and Con, wouldn’t tell us if the person in Sacramento, California had Ebola or not. This is how a global pandemic really starts, in my opinion. You get an airline passenger here, another one over there; presto, you end up with a secondary infection cycle the powers that be don’t see. Granted, the aseptic techniques, as well as the quality of equipment and medical people is better than a third world cesspool like Liberia, but Ebola is clearly on the move.

     The reason Doomer Doug is saying Ebola is now a regional epidemic is simple. Ebola is totally out of control in Liberia for starters. The completely dysfunctional “government” in Liberia has now quarantined 75,000 citizens of that slum. They are sealing their border, setting up roadblocks and shooting live ammo at rioting, hysterical mobs. Hysterical mobs that stormed an Ebola clinic, released the infected patients, and stole Ebola carrying blankets and sheets. The “government” of Liberia tells us that all 27 Ebola infected people have been captured. The point is they ran around the Liberian capital for at least 24 hours infecting anybody they came into contact with. The looters carried Ebola infected items all over the place. We know Ebola virus lives, and can infect, ANYBODY who comes into contact with bodily fluids: blood, vomit, fecal material, sweat and saliva. It beggars Doomer Doug’s mind to think that nobody in Liberia realizes that an additional wave of Ebola infections will start from people exposed in the clinic smash and grab.

      The situation in Nigeria is disturbing for three reasons. The first is Nigerian health authorities have allowed the Ebola virus to pretty much spread unchecked. The second is Lagos International Airport is likely spewing infected people via global plane rides. This is where we get all the cases, or at least scares, in Ireland, Britain, Saudi Arabia etc etc. The third is Doomer Doug can now say with absolute certainty Ebola has spread from Lagos, to the eastern city, as well as to a city north of Lagos. In addition to the original infection cycle from Patient Zero, Mr. Patrick Sawyer, we have a secondary cycle from the people he infected, as well as the people they infected. For instance, Mr. Sawyer infected a nurse, who then infected a pregnant woman, and who knows who she infected. Further, the nurse, and I can’t make this stuff up, took a 7 hour cab ride to the eastern city. She went to a wedding, ran around the city for a while and then eventually died. I have no idea how many people she infected. The Nigerian authorities say they are “monitoring” 21 additional people she exposed in addition to the 177 Sawyer exposed. This number of over 200 is much higher than the original 15 they “monitored” for exposure by Mr. Sawyer.

    The fact that all of the first 15 have either died, or been confirmed with Ebola virus, means they let dozens, and possibly several hundred, of exposed people they didn’t bother with run around. And by run around, Doomer Doug means not just in Nigeria, but to any country they may have taken an airplane to.

I will say it again, the Ebola virus is totally and completely out of control in both West Africa and now Nigeria. Finally, two Samaritan Purse execs stated in open testimony before a House committee that they thought the “real” numbers are four times what is being reported. WHO and the CDC hold a press conference where they state 2,300 people have been infected. They add that 1300 people have died. Then they release a press release saying they could be wrong, and the Samaritan Purse executives are correct. If so, then the actual number of Ebola infected in West Africa is 10,000. The real number of dead is 5600 plus. We know there are rotting corpses in the streets of both Liberia and Sierra Leone. We know feral animals, dogs, rats and insects are eating the corpses. We know the health care system has collapsed in Liberia. And we are told there is no danger of a further spread of the Ebola virus, much less a global pandemic.

    All of the above leads Doomer Doug to conclude three things.

    One is that West Africa is now officially in the regional epidemic phase. There is NO doubt about that.

    Two is the social structure in Liberia has collapsed and is heading towards a renewed civil war, lack of medical treatment and mass violence. Liberia is right now undergoing violent riots, the deployment of combat troops and economic collapse.

     Three is that Nigeria has lost control of the Ebola situation. This will mean at a minimum Nigeria will also suffer a regional Ebola epidemic. The Lagos International Airport means Nigeria may be “country zero” for a global pandemic. Nigeria makes BILLIONS off of oil sales; yet, they are so corrupt they have a dismal health care system. The other thing is they just FIRED 16,000 doctors in the face of the Ebola virus. I mean you just can’t make up this third world, corrupt government stupidity stuff.

   The situation in Nigeria will become clearer over the next two weeks or so. It is not looking good for the rest of the world. West Africa will become the first failed state due to disease.


  1. In all of this madness in Liberia, it seems to me the WHO has vanished.
    Where are they?

    Doomer Doug, if Nigeria goes into a full epidemic, do you feel it is still possible to avoid a global pandemic?


  2. Jennifer, the issue with Nigeria and a global pandemic is the Lagos International Airport and how many infected people fly out of it. Nigeria itself can go into a full blown regional epidemic and still not trigger a global pandemic. If even a few hundred Ebola infected people fly out of Lagos this is where the global pandemic will start. There are now hordes of hysterical Africans pouring over any border they can get to, especially headed into Europe.

    WHO is a farce. WHO was never going to be the lead agency in dealing with the kind of Ebola medical issues now combined with a social collapse in Liberia. The news story for Liberia shows a state of anarchy in the capital city. It is all over for Liberia. Nigeria is still in doubt. Given the corruption and incompetence of African governments, it is looking bad.


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